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Physics project help?

I need to construct a two axle car for my physics project that has to be capable of moving as straight as possible and as fast as possible only powered by AA or AAA batteries, carried on the vehicle. The electric motor is provided by my teacher, but it is rated at 1.5-3V. Any other power source will disqualify the vehicle.

The vehicle must also be made of materials that is NOT commercially manufactured for the purpose for which thy are being used in the vehicles, so no model car parts like wheels. I could only use things like household items, but commercial gear and bearings are permitted.

There will be 3 events:

- 10m race (timed)

The course will be 3m wide, 10m long

- Hill climb

To test how high the car could go at different angles

- Sky Jump

The car will finally be transformed into a horizontal projectile as see how far if can go as it drives off the lab table

Thanks for the help!


Actual question is if someone could help me get an idea on how to do it, wat I should use, how I should use it, etc.

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  • 8 years ago
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    That sounds like a fun project!....

    ....but what is your actual question?

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