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38 or 5: Who has had a better season, Alexis Sanchez or Jose Callejon?

Callejon: 13 goals (5 CL, 5 La liga, and 3 CdR) in 37 games (5 starts)

Alexis Sanchez: 15 goals (2 CL, 12 La liga, 1 Copa) in 40 games (29 starts ).

Alexis Sanchez = 38 million and no major title

Jose Callejon = 5 million and a La liga title

Another waste by Guardiola. He turned wonderful players like Villa, Cesc and Sanchez into mediocre bench warmers.

So, who has had a better season???

FQ: Where is "the wonder striker" heading to??? Milan or Birmingham city???


@Special One: Dude, David Villa was bought to play at central forward not left wing forward. Villa couldn't live to expectation because Pep did not change the system that suits the strength of Messi, he used David Villa as a player maker rather than a finisher. I guess Villa's wonder is all but over giving the fact that he's in his 30s and won't be a regular anymore. He could have had a much better 2010-11 season.

Pep transfer history is awful.

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    I agree with everything you said but Villa is still a quality player he just isn't in great form you can't blame a club for that

    to be honest both had horrible seasons but for 5 million Callejon is more worth it

    Honestly when they said Alexis Sanchez and Cesc signed for Barcelona I was annoyed because Barcelona had so many players like that already they didn't need more they needed better defenders and another striker because Villa can't just do it all on his own and Messi as well

    I don't understand how Alexis is 38 million.. when his a forward but for his last club he only scored 20 goals in 95 games

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    Are you guys SERIOUS ? Callejon ? really ?

    that guy only plays when the opposition teams give up and are already 4/5 goals down, apart from that winner against Mallorca, his goals are pretty much pointless lol.

    How can you even compare them ? Sanchez is starter while Callejon will never ever start for Real Madrid for one important game, he'll always be a back up at most, I'm speechless.

    And why are you comparing their transfer price ( Alexis's transfer is 26M btw with 11M more depending on variables which means Barca has to win champions league and La Liga in his first 2 years )? lol, Callejon is just a back-up, Sanchez is Barca's future and will always be an important part of the team.... lets not forget he's younger than Callejon LMFAO.

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    Sanchez did... doesn't mean it wasn't an awful transfer but Callejon pretty much scored pointless goals all season, whether it be in pointless CL matches or at the end of La Liga games that were already won. I think he scored 1 important goal all season. BTW Sanchez was bought for 26 million with 11 million in bonuses so it's not fair to say he was bought for 38 million. For all we know they could have said that they'll give him 11 million extra if he scores 60 goals. And you also conveniently (obviously not) left out the fact that Callejon had 0 assists.

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    Well Sanchez was good as Udinese and i believe the Injuries made him unable to play his usual game at Barcelona and if you consider the fact that even Villa was Injured . He had to play so many game without a break and doing that when just came out of Injury seems hard to me . Callejon is a good player and his transfer was a steal from Real Madrid but players aren't responsible for Transfer Money , that is even considered a Burden on a player because it increases the expectations.

    Callejon had a better season but Real Madrid had a better season in general , their Final 100 points speaks for itself .

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    I was actually one of the cules who objected to Sanchez becoming a blaugrana player. I though we really didn't need another striker. He sometimes contributes to some crucial matches but on the long run, he doesn't fit our style, play. The only thing he fits in is his ability to fit into the barca "hierarchy" which Ibra previously had failed to do.

    And Cesc and Villa are good buys. Cesc himself had a great first half of the season but then he went off form as the season progressed. Villa is 100% a great buy. He isn't able to score more because he is a winger here. But if we look at all the goals, assists, playmaking he's done since he's come here, you'll see his important value. I lost count how many times he's broken stalemate with an assist or goal, or equalizer etc. Last season, I loved him but this season, although he did go off form prior to injury, he was still one of our best strikers and we see how much we needed him. And Pep doesn't waste all players. Yes, Sanchez, and Afellay are bad buys, but what about Mascherano? what about Alves?

  • Relatively speaking, Callejon has had a much better season than Alexis. Villa does indeed have a terrible transfer history. And the decent players that he imports, he ruins by playing them out of position. He is only second to Rafa Benitez.

    FQ: Villarreal

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    Villa is a phenomenal player, but how did pep have control of whether villa breaks his leg or not? He cant play with a broken leg so he has to sit this season out.

    Cesc had an amazing start of the season, but for some reason lost form toward the end.

    Sanchez isnt mediocre. Thats just your opinion. The stats determine mediocre players. For example, Medicare players in RM are:

    Ezequiel Garay, Nuri Sahin, julien faubert,etc

    @Posidoen, afellay isnt a bad buy. We only bought him for 3 million. He has been injured this WHOLE season. But he is a quality player.

    While i agree with you that, barca payed too much for sanchez he isnt mediocre.

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    Yeah, Peps transfer history is awful. Sanchez, Ibra, Hleb among others. At least Mascherano was a good transfer, especially since Puyol had injuries and Pique has been... inconsistent?

  • Jose Callejon by far

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