Going into nursing in the U.K. from the U.S.?

I'm still in high school, and also Dual Enrolling with a college near my town to get ahead on college credits. I'm planning on going to college for nursing, and want to specialize in Ob/Gyn or Neonatal. After I get my degree, I'm interested in moving to the U.K. for a few years or so to work there, but I don't know how that whole idea works. Does anyone know what has to be done to accomplish that? Is it worth it? Just curious. If you can, be thorough on your answers please. Thank you(:

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  • 8 years ago
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    You must first be a RN in your state. Then you get this job and work for a while. Most jobs in OB/Neonatal are very rare. These folks in this field do not change jobs. However, maybe you will get lucky and find a spot when someones dies. After gaining skills as a critical care nurse, then specialize and get a job in this area. Your professional liability insurance will be astronomically high.

    Since UK has managed care, you might find a job there. But it is so unlikely. They already have nurses there. You have to do the hard job of finding a position, and then getting the visa requirements taken car of. It is not likely this will happen.

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