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Most Interesting Current Science Topics?

What are some of the more interesting science topics which are "hot" right now? I need ideas for a school project.

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    Telemedicine has been defined as the use of telecommunications to provide medical information and services. It may be as simple as two health professionals discussing a case over the telephone, or as sophisticated as using satellite technology to broadcast a consultation between providers at facilities in two countries, using videoconferencing equipment or robotic technology.

    Types of telemedicine

    Telemedicine is practiced on the basis of two concepts:

    real time (synchronous) and

    store-and-forward (asynchronous)‏

    Real time telemedicine

    Real time telemedicine could be as simple as a telephone call or as complex as robotic surgery. It requires the presence of both parties at the same time and a communications link between them that allows a real-time interaction to take place. Video-conferencing equipment is one of the most common forms of technologies used in synchronous telemedicine.

    There are also peripheral devices which can be attached to computers or the video-conferencing equipment which can aid in an interactive examination.

    For instance, a tele-otoscope allows a remote physician to 'see' inside a patient's ear; a

    tele-stethoscope allows the consulting remote physician to hear the patient's heartbeat.

    Store-and-forward telemedicine

    Store-and-forward telemedicine involves acquiring medical data (like medical images, biosignals etc) and then transmitting this data to a doctor or medical specialist at a convenient time for assessment offline. It does not require the presence of both parties at the same time.

    Advantages of Telemedicine

    Providing healthcare services via telemedicine offers many advantages. It can make specialty care more accessible to underserved rural and urban populations.

    Video consultations from a rural clinic to a specialist can alleviate prohibitive travel and associated costs for patients.

    Video conferencing also opens up new possibilities for continuing education or training for isolated or rural health practitioners, who may not be able to leave a rural practice to take part in professional meetings or educational opportunities.

    the use of telemedicine can also cut costs of medical care for those in rural areas.

    Clinical devices

    This will include minimum standards for all the clinical devices to be interfaced or integrated with the telemedicine system, including performance specifications for devices measuring diagnostic parameters, imaging devices, compression, and their safety requirements.


    Video conferencing units

    This will include minimum standards for video conferencing system, including data rate, picture resolution, frame rate, type of camera, audio quality etc.

    Communication hardware

    This will include minimum standards for various hardware used for interfacing the telemedicine system with the communication network, including all types of terrestrial and satellite based networks.

    Possibilities of Telemedicine

    Transmission of digitized audio, video, and still images

    Improvements in quality of care in rural and underserved communities

    Overcoming isolation of rural practitioners by linking them to urban medical centers

    Delivery of information and services into the home

    Keeping patients in the community and maintaining continuity of care

    Reduction of travel time and expense for physicians and patients

    Increased mobility as people move from urban to rural areas with continued access to specialists

    New business and marketing opportunities

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    i found this textual content very exciting: "Unscientific us of a: How medical Illiteracy Threatens Our destiny". the instructor is certain to easily like the concern. besides the reality that you write about, make it somethiing that pursuits you. it's going to be plenty extra accessible that way.

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    Epigenetics...DIY genetic manipulation.

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