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Tips to start convos with girls?

I just need some tips so i can start a conversation. And nothing rude!! I want G rated stuff. Thx

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    Really depends on the situation as to how you want to start a conversation.

    Like if you've got mutual friends just introduce yourself.

    If you're at a bar just introducing yourself may not go well because you're the 100th guy to do so of the night may need to be bolder. I like to use the line "excuse me are you from Canada" then when she says no be like ah man I'm really good at spotting people from Canada I had a 100% success rate until just now. Or be like, "I think you're having the most fun out of anyone in this bar, I thought I was having the most fun but it's definitely you". These things are lame but they're different, break up the monotony of it all and will get you talking.

    Now if you're approaching a stranger with no alcohol involved you have to be more indirect. Go up to a girl and comment on something in the vicinity but nothing personal. During the day girls will get scared off by dudes asking them personal questions, so don't ask for her name, number where she works, what she likes or anything for that matter right away. Your strategy here is to have as long a conversation about some object in the vicinity until she opens up to you by asking you a personal question (eg what's your name). Then you can begin normal conversation. So here's an example you walk up to a random girl in a coffee shop who's reading a book "excuse me, Is that a good book". Then ramble on etc etc about books you're reading and things you like about them and just stay focused on the book topic try not to venture until she reciprocates with a personal question.

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  • be yourself and don't be tense, un clench your buttocks

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