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Where does Roy Oswalt sign and why?

To me, he is almost certainly going to a team that will be in the playoff run come September. Also, in my opinion he will lean to a NL team, but I think Texas is a possibility (best place for him to win a ring). It also wouldn't shock me to see him go to an AL team though. I don't see him going back to Philadelphia (too many problems there).

Here are a few teams why IMO, he is most likely to go to:

LA Dodgers

St. Louis


Boston (they will want him, but they will have to do a superb job to persuade Oswalt to go there).


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    Texas, because they just lost Neftali Feliz for an extended amount of time, Texas is also close to his home in Mississippi which is also why he enjoyed playing in Houston. He said he definitely wants to go on a team looking for a deep play off run. I've also heard Atlanta as possibly signing him since Mike Minor has struggled this year, and Georgia is relatively close to Mississippi.

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    Dodgers are doing the best right now in the MLB , why change the team at all ?

    Cardinals could but doubtful since they stick to a few players

    I think it will come down to Rangers because Washington has been thinking of adding a new pitcher

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    Texas, definitely. It's close to his home. He played in Houston for years. He'd be comfortable there. And the Rangers have a hole in the rotation with Feliz down. They also have a great shot to go to the World Series again.

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    I think the Rangers would be the place he'd want to go.

    But don't forget the Yankees..

    The choices for their 3-4-5 spots are:

    Garcia 8.22 ERA

    Nova 5.69 ERA

    Hughes 4.94 ERA

    Kuroda 4.56 ERA

    And that's assuming Pettite is for real.

    They need pitching bad.. and have the money to throw at it.

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