What are my chances of getting into GA tech and UGA?

Im a junior and want to know if I'll have a chance at GA Tech. If not, then uga. My gpa now(after junior year) is 3.74 I got an sat score of 1960. I've taken one AP course this year and plan to take 5 next year. (was homeschooled for first 2 years and was doing religious schooling do I couldn't take ap courses). My sister goes to tech. Involved in a few clubs and played Jv tennis. And I plan to do some type of engineering

I just want to know what my chances are to be accepted into each of these schools. I'm a nervous wreck right now. Thank you do so much!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Very good.

    GA tech is slightly more selective, but overall you have an excellent GPA and SAT. You also have extracurriculars necessary to demonstrate you're well rounded. I'm not sure if there are interviews for either, but just go visit their campus on one of their tours. This will satisfy the "interest" requirement universities look for. Afterwards simply keep your grades up and you're all set.

    P.S. feel free to retake the SAT or try your hand at the ACT. A 1960 is very good, but higher scores might qualify you for benefits, and if nothing else at least improve your chances.

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  • 8 years ago

    100 % / Yes

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