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my green cheeck conure and senegal parrot not getting along!!?

so i have a GCC and a Senegal parrot. i got my GCC about 8 months ago and i just recently got my senegal about a month and a half ago. anyways the problem is that when i have them both out and i try to put them by each other either my senegal or my gcc attatct the other one. now mind you that they are housed sepratlay so no need to worry there. im just upset because i see people that have birds all the time and they get along just fine with each other and i just dont understand why they cant just get along. dose anyone have any tips that might make them like each other or is this a lost cause and i should just let it be...

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    They may eventually get along but they may not. Senegals seem to believe they're much larger birds than they are (so do conures for that matter) and can get jealous and territorial easily. My Senegal is a very jealous bird and dislikes my other three. He'll tolerate being around my Meyers but if she gets in his face he will try to bite her and he constantly goes after the amazon and the African grey. They just tend to prefer the company of people instead of other birds. You can try "flock" activities like feeding them really yummy treats close together or if they like showers giving them a shower not necessarily on the same perch but at the same time. It should help create a flock bonding experience. Make sure they're on a neutral territory like a playstand when they interact and not on one anothers cages, this will prevent some territorial aggression.

    You almost have to treat them like children in a way, make sure you're not giving more attention to the older bird than the new baby as it can cause the older bird to become very jealous. Some birds simply just don't get along with others. But even if they don't ever get along, it's not a big deal. You still get the same amount of love from both of them. I have enough playstands around my house for every bird to have their own, you should have at least two anyway including a stationary one and one you can move from room to room.

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    Steph's neutral territory is a great way to start! If neither of the birds has a "claim" on the place where they are playing then they are less likely to be territorial.

    In the first while of them being together there is going to be some aggressive behavior even if they are going to get along in the end. Even if they get along, there will be a pecking order and they have to figure that on their own. Just make sure that they do this under supervision and never leave them unattended when they are together.

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