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Petroleum Engineering?


I am currently a junior in high school and have begun to think about what to major in. I have considered petroleum engineering, but I have some questions.

First, how important is chemistry in this Pet E? Would I need to take AP Chem? My last chemistry course was honors chemistry in 10th grade; do I need more high school chem, or will I learn what I need to know in college?

Also, what are some other interesting engineering majors? I am pretty good at math and physics, so this area interests me.

Thanks for any help.

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    Here is the curriculum for Petroleum Engineering at Texas A & M which is a respected school for petroleum engineering.

    As you can see there is only one semester of chemistry on the curriculum. If you have AP Chem, you might even transfer it to the college and not be required to take more chemistry, although I would not guarantee that. I have seen freshmen students with subjects like AP Calculus behind them that took Calc 1 in college and did not even have to show up for class except to take exams, so the AP Chem would at least make the semester of chemistry fairly easy. Other than making you more competitive for admission I would not say AP Chem is a necessity, but I would ask the school where you intend to apply.

    Keep in mind that petroleum engineers can be broken into many specialty fields. There are drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, operations engineers, production engineers and other specialties.

    I'm a geologist (with 2 semesters of organic-chem, 1 semester Analytical Chem,1 semester Biogeochemistry, 1 semester of Isotope geochemistry and a semester of basic chemistry), and chose geology over engineering, even though I have an engineering background so my bias is not towards engineering . However, other good fields of engineering are things like computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Those fields are even hired by the major oil companies as they have application for all of those, however those have much broader opportunities than just the oil industry. I assume you are aware that at the moment petroleum engineers are one of the most sought after professionals in any field of engineering or science. The reason is that there are large numbers of petroleum engineers ready to retire, and very few are currently coming out of the few schools that actually offer the major.

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    I asked an engineer if he used all the high-tech courses in his profession.

    He said "No".

    I asked him why he took the tough courses.

    He said the tough courses on his resume got him the job interviews.

    Why are you even asking if you should take AP Chem ? You are smart enough to look two years ahead; you are also smart enough to decide to take the most exacting courses you can manage.

    Lead on, Scholar !

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