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The Great Gatsby, essay help!?

Im supposed to write about how Fitzgerald uses an element of fiction (Symbolism, Irony, Etc) to convey a theme (A lesson learned while reading the book).

What did you learn when reading The Great Gatsby? im having trouble coming up with a good theme.

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    The study guide "Enlighten Me! The Great Gatsby" re-tells the story in abbreviated form and includes references to several themes, symbols, and motifs at the exact points where they occur. You could select any one of these and find the italicized outtakes that talk about it in the guide, and go from there.

    Source(s): The study guide "Enlighten Me! The Great Gatsby"
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    It's an opinion question but I read it last year and learned that people sometimes build other people up in their mind (Gatsby waited for Daisy for years but when it actually came to meeting her he was almost too nervous). That goes along with the theme of appearance vs. reality in the book. Gatbsy seems to have it all, but really all he wants it Daisy. The Buchanans seem to have it all but they have a poor family structure. The book shows the ways people can be superficial in order to reach their goal (impressing others). The book deals with other issues but that's what I mainly got from it.

    So basicaly, a good theme would be appearance vs. reality, in my opinion :)

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