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B&A: Do all major characters need to go through initiation?

A few months ago, we read The Great Gatsby in my AP class and talked about how Nick went through the four stages of initiation (separation, isolation, illumination, and incorporation). If I remember correctly, most major characters go through a period of change. So, do characters have to go through initiation? Is there some other way they can go through change?

Sorry if what I am asking is confusing. I can give the example of Nick if you would like it to make my question a bit clearer.

Thank you! :)

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    I have personally never been taught about "initiation," but I haven't taken any AP literature courses. I'd say that most characters go through some sort of change throughout a story, but the change may not happen in the same process. I don't know any examples of other ways to have a character change, but I'd guess that a character with more stubborn personality traits or static characters would change differently if at all. For example, characters in a tragedy may not experience any change. A tragic hero is unlikely to change, which allows the Tragic flaw to bring about his or her demise.

    Hope I was able to be of some help. :)

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    I'm not sure, but I don't think so. I think as long as there's some kind of character arc, it doesn't have to be quite that specific. Honestly I don't understand that book and would only use those stages if they served in your own writing. Thinking about books I've read recently, I don't think the characters went through all four stages, but one or two or possibly three.

    I'm going to think on it though, but I think that might be specific to that book.

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