Does Michigan State University have a common application?

I have to do a college project for my English class, and I need to fill out a college application even though I'm not sending it. I want to use Michigan State's application and I can't find one. Help?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You've probably already tried the obvious choices of searching MSU's website for an online application to print out, fill out, and submit for your English project, or going to the university personally and requesting an application form (assuming you live close enough). Short of taking the time to write and ask for the form by mail, there are not a lot of other choices you have. There is no way to tell how long it will take the admissions office at MSU to answer your request in any case. If you are, in fact, too far away to go after the application personally, then it would probably be wise to choose a different university or college for the purposes of this English class project. After all, since you are not actually applying, what difference does it make where the application comes from? Choose a school which has an online application which is easy to find and print out, or one nearby so that you can quickly get the application in person and get this job done. Unless the teacher has asked you to swear in court that you have filled out a form for a school you will at some future point attend, nobody will know or care, so why add stress to your life?

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    4 years ago

    Your GPA is rather sturdy, yet your ACT is under the extensive-unfold try rankings of incoming beginners scholars; try rankings. Admissions to Michigan State college 87% of the scholars who Who Submitted rankings had a ACT Composite rankings between 23 - 27

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