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Glass pipe maintenance?

ok so i got my first pipe i used poorly rolled joints before lol and I was wondering if I should blow the ashes out of the bowl after each use? And what about the resin, do I clean that out after each use? And when am i supposed to clean out the entire thing? Thanks!

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    Dump ashes out of spent bowl.

    Leave resins until they become a problem or begin to alter the flavor, then as suggested an alcohol soak, but throw in a few table spoons of Epsom Salts in the baggy with the pipe and the alcohol. Let it sit for an hour, and then shake the crap out of it. The salt will scour it clean since Epsom Salts barely dissolve without a ton of water. Need like a gallon to just dissolve 1 teaspoon.

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    8 years ago

    Get some regular ol isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and soak your parts overnight. Clean with qtips. Right as rain. :)

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    Call 911, they'll send a specialist.

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