Art Tatum or Oscar Peterson: Who was more virtuostic?

Not about the musicality or artfulness, because both excel in that.

How about the technique? The raw power and dexterity of the hands and fingers?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'm a jazz pianist and I love both Tatum and Peterson. From what I've studied, Peterson revered Tatum, and Tatum respected Peterson. Many think Tatum was the greatest jazz virtuoso ever. I love Tatum's playing, but it's so stylized that it's sometimes hard for me to listen to. Peterson is, along with Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett, one of my top three pianists that I try to emulate (sadly, unsuccessfully). I think if you ask most pianists, they'd say Tatum was better. I lean toward Peterson.

  • 4 years ago

    reliable question! In his time, artwork tatum replaced into actually the superb. additionally in a while, no person replaced into in a position in this particulier type as reliable as him. however the clarification at the back of that replaced into additionally that the way of enjoying jazz replaced since then. artwork tatum replaced into extremely superb at enjoying on my own, and later a jazz pianist had to function in a band and to bypass away out the functionality of enjoying the bass, because of the fact the bass participant replaced into enjoying greater state-of-the-artwork. ( there are some Tatum recordings with band, which i dont like, because of the fact he doesnt bypass away any area for the drums and the bass participant) My end is which you cant evaluate tatum with Oscar Peterson or Keith jarrett, because of the fact they're doing a thoroughly diverse difficulty, and each is a genius in his very own type. yet i nevertheless am surprised of his swing and his timing once I hear him enjoying solo. artwork tatum, RIP!

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    9 years ago

    Art Tatum. I am not a musician so I cant explain why. They were in different time periods. For finger dexterity I would say Art Tatum or even Fats Waller.

  • 9 years ago

    You named my two favorite jazz pianists. I can't fault either, and even though their careers overlapped, they still are from different periods. Both contributed so much I cannot choose one over the other.

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  • 9 years ago

    Unless you know someone who saw them both play live many many times that is an impossible question to answer. even if you knew someone like that they would have a purely personal view! Go to the history books and study. But if you aint there you cannot truly say, it purely subjective always!

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