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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard gives Islamic Sharia law thumbs down ?

The other day, she said anyone practicing the above should get out of Australia.

"Immigrants, not Australians MUST adapt........take it or leave it" she said.

"............if you wish to become part of our society......learn the language"

"It is our country, our land and our lifestyle and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this".

"But when you are done complaining............I highly encourage you to advantage of one other great Australian freedom, 'THE RIGHT TO LEAVE' !"

"If you aren't happy here then leave..we didn't ask you to come here. You asked to come here. So accept the country YOU accepted"

What do you think about that ?

Why don't Britain say the same thing.. oh wait, that would be classed as racist -__-


@Molly - thing is, many people come to these countries, complain "oh I hate it here... it sucks... why can't everyone be like me... etc.".... and I think she is saying, well if you don't like it, go back to where you came from.

Obviously not everyone is like this, I was only putting an example, but it is generally people who came from very different cultures that complain about western lifestyles. Why live in a country if you hate it?

I'm all for people of different cultures and religions living together... but they should respect the countries main laws & way of life, whilst continuing their own!

Would other countries like it if western people came and disrespected their laws? NO, I don't think so. Yet, a western person says this ^^ and they get called "racist" - unbelievable!

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    Wish we had a prime minister like Julia Gillard. How can it be classed as ''racist''??

    All that is asked of newcomers is to accept the laws and rules of the country they have chosen to move to, Not to try and change the country and the lives of the people already there


    As she rightly explains it . if your not happy to accept the ways and laws of the country, LEAVE.

    The U.K. would be a much better place with with this sort of leadership.

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    That's ridiculous. Just because people believe different things doesn't mean that they should be isolated from society or kicked out of the country. I respect that some people don't like the Sharia law, that's fine, but people who do shouldn't be undermined in any way.

    The Nazis didn't exactly like the Jews because of what they believed in. I don't this this is dissimilar.

    Learn the language... erm... most have only just moved into the country m'dear.

    What a Bi***

    Completely racist and unacceptable. Very unprofessional on her behalf, and although I don't know about Australian politics, I'd be voting for the other political party. Terrible. Disgusting.

    Source(s): If David Cameron said that in England, there'd be uproar!
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    Molly - "The Nazi's didn't exactly like the Jews". Try - they hated them. Ever hear of the "Jewish Problem". Their solution was concentration camps and the extermination of 6 million of them. The Nazi problem was that they did not know how to exterminate them quicker and dispose of them quicker .

    Read up on the 30's, 40's and WWII. Educate yourself and in this case, political correctness is out the window.

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    well yes, it's the essential self evident difference between an invader and an immigrant. if you move to another country you take your person not your legal code.

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  • Anonymous
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    Britain should say this... Our land our rules... Break them and you should be deported... But we too soft and don't want to be seen as upsetting people...

    Source(s): Britain needs a backbone..
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    8 years ago

    Good for Julia.

    Go for it girl!

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