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did 911 do more damage to the usa than they thought?

can't sweat on a plane can't be nervous can't

travel without luggage can't say bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb in a singing voice!

tsa searching kids and old people if you are

high on drugs, or just got out of the hospital

or acting strange watch out they will think

you have a bomb isn't this true?

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    9/11 was designed by the illuminati to scare the crap out of americans and get them to voluntarily give up their civil rights

    which they did willingly

    Now we have the patriot act where your home can be illegally seached without a warrant and without your phones and emails are recorded and datamined...we have to submit to x-ray scanners at airports

    and now the president is lawfully executing american citizens without a trial, just by dropping a "terrorist" label on them

  • 8 years ago

    It made government bullcrap acceptable to a lot of people. People never wondered how a guy that could.barely fly a Cessna could fly a 757 like an expert. It's crap.

  • It caused our freedoms to be taken away.

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