can someone tell if this is a valid Brazil address?

Hello people, So I'm sending some stuff to a person in Brazil and when I was creating a shipping label through usps then the system tells me that the address I entered is not valid??

Folloing is the address,

Caixa Postal 2515

ACF BIAGINI - Rua Luiz Gama, 232 - Centr

Guarulhos São Paulo 07010972

This maybe an ignorant question, since I've never seen how a Brazil address looks like.

I need some help!!!

Thank you guys in advance!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yep, this is a valid address in Brazil. You may want to rewrite it as:

    Caixa Postal 2515

    ACF Biagini - Rua Luiz Gama, 232 - Centro

    Guarulhos - SP - 07010-972



    The only mistake is "Centro" as opposed to "Centr".

    By the way, I remember that street. I grew up in the city of Guarulhos.

    Source(s): I am Brazilian (although now I live in New York City). I grew up around the area in your address.
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