Of the following terms, which one doesn't belong?

Set 1:




Set 2:


Natural selection


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    9 years ago
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    Not sure on Set 1, but on Set 2, Evolution is the theory of how species evolve and adapt to the environment over time, Catasrophism... is the theory that earth was affected over time by sudden violent events, and Natural Selection is how species in the wild survive, basically. I would Say Catastrophism for Set 2 because it has to do with affects of nature on earth, not wildlife.

    I don't know about Set 1, but Gradualism is advancing towards a goal through slow, gradual stages, you know what Catastrophism is, and Uniformitarianism, is that all the natural processes and laws in our universe have always been the same. Not sure if that helps or not. But, For set 1, I would say Gradualism.

  • 9 years ago

    catastrophism in both

    Source(s): google's define function and common sense
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