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Why not take pads out of football?

In my opinion, most of the injuries in football come from tackling like maniacs.

Running head first at someone, using the head as a battering ram, is bound to cause concussions. Or diving at a player's knee like a missile; it's ridiculous how any players have working knees. Also considering how high the tackles are, the head gets hit so often, these injuries are unavoidable.

What do you guys think about the idea of football without protection? No helmets, no shoulder pads?

The tackling would switch to rugby style: nothing above the shoulders, and you need to use your arms in a tackle, rather than just body checking a guy. In rugby, most of the contact is with the shoulders, which is much safer than the head.

I've played rugby and (american) football. I play number 8 and running back, so I know a lot about being hit in both sports. I play at a lower level, but the amount of pads in football means I never feel anything, even in a 'huge' hit.

I know this will never be implemented, just some food for thought.

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    Your premise is flawed. The "downs-for-distance" system is fundamentally different from rugby's contested breakdown. In the former your intent is to stop the runner with as little gain in yardage as possible. So players commit entirely to the hit, using their bodies like bowling balls in order to counter the runner's momentum. Inches can mean the difference between keeping or loosing the ball. What happens after the hit doesn't matter as the ball is dead once the runner is down.

    However in rugby, in rugby your purpose is to turn over the ball in the ruck which follows the tackle. Body position during and after the tackle is critical, as is the ability of the defender to stay on his feet to better poach the ball. This makes the nature of the contact very different than in American football.

    There is also the issue of blind-side hits on quarterbacks and receivers -- hits which you don't see in rugby because of the nature of that sport's off-side law.

    Or we could just look to history. In the years before helmets became mandatory, American football was primarily a college sport, where young men were being killed and crippled with frightening frequency. In 1905 alone, 19 players were killed as a result of on-field injuries. Dozens suffered permanent, catastrophic and crippling injuries through brain or spinal cord trauma. The situation was so bad that the American government considered banning the sport. Since then helmets have helped, but the incidence of concussions and serious spinal cord injuries in American football still exceeds that of rugby by a considerable amount. You still get between five and ten high school or college football players killed in the United States each year.

    And @ Tim. You're flaunting your ignorance. Try being taken down in an open-field tackle by Richie McCaw, Bokkies Botha or Sebastien Chabal. They are equally adept at dealing out the pain as Ray Lewis et al. They just do it in a different way that doesn't involve driving their (helmeted) head into someone's kidney..

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    thats the point. pads allow you to tackle in more ways than rugby. but i do agree with you in how to tackle. the only stipulation is the fact that unlike rugby, its continuous and you can throw the ball so its harder to keep things in front of you on defense in football than in rugby. as a result, you have to create your own tackles, which may sometimes result in poor tackling mechanics.

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    when you take away the pads, you have to change tackling rules. when you change tackling rules, you change the game into something that isnt football. kinda like rugby. thats just the beginning of it.

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    If you took the pads out of football it be rugby and what people don't understand that football is very dangerous that why they wear pads.

    Know fact a hit in the nfl is equal to a car crash. -sport science

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    Because then football would be rugby then someone like yoiu is going to ask why not put pads in rugby.

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    as for your question I thinks its because America wants to always keep us safe

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