Recipes and desserts for Celiac's disease and a severe dairy allergy.?

I just recently found out that I have Celiac's disease and a severe dairy allergy. I hate eating bland foods and I have a major sugar tooth. Are there any cookbooks or blogs with recipes on them? All would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 8 years ago
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    A family friend of ours is a GREAT cookbook author of Celiac's Disease friendly recipes. Search for her books; her recipes are fantastic!!! Her name is Annalise G. Roberts. Her books can be found on

    Source(s): Family friend who cooks/writes recipes for her children that have Celiac's
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    8 years ago

    Your best bet is probably to start looking for ethnic recipes. The benefit of this is, well, they don't taste like bad versions of foods you used to like, because they are made with all the original ingredients they started out with, so they are just as awesome as always.

    Asian foods, like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc... will have a lot of recipes that are naturally dairy and gluten free and anything but bland. If you use GF soy sauce to make them, they are frequently completely gluten free as well. Also, GF soy sauce is actually BETTER soy sauce. It's the traditional way soy sauce was originally made, called Tamari, and is often asked for specifically in the better chinese recipes, anyway.

    You want to make sure you get the gluten free labeled Tamari soy sauce, though, because simple Tamari is likely contaminated, if there was no special precaution to keep that from happening.

    Ethiopian food with Injera bread (a gluten free bread if you get traditional recipes) is wonderful too - lots of spicy meat and lentil dishes that you eat by tearing off a piece of Injera bread and rolling up the fillings in it.

    I'd start looking at fruity sweet dishes first, for your sweet tooth. Coconut based dishes, sorbets, fruit fillings, rice puddings (Thai black rice is used to make desserts and is great when baked with pureed banana and dates) that sort of thing. When you've got some of those down, enough to keep you going, you can start messing around with dairy-free subs for the dishes you miss, but they are really tricky - a lot of the soy based dairy subs don't cook well and separate nastily. They take some real fiddling to get right.

    When it comes to blogs, I'll be honest, once you lose gluten AND dairy, the recipes available drop sharply. Most of the folks who seem to want to really cook awesome dishes want to use dairy, or lots of expensive ingredients, or both. It's pretty disheartening.

    I have found it easier to search for individual recipes and see what pops up. There's a few dairy free gluten free blogs, but they weren't to my taste, frequently.

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    4 years ago

    Paleo diet its a diet based around eating real food unprocessed

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