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What will be the title of Prince Daniel once Princess Victoria aaccedes the Swedish throne?

Prince Daniel is the Duke of Västergötland by jure uxoris. Does that mean he will be HM The King or HM The King Consort once his wife accedes the Swedish throne?


For my own opinion, he would be created as King Consort by his wife when she becomes queen. That's part of modernising the Swedish monarchy. Actually, a commoner created as a prince is one of those modernisations.

@Lili: Oops! Princess Victoria is the heiress apparent, so she is a Queen Regnant once she accedes the throne. She will not be a Queen Consort.

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  • Lili
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    It is not the custom for the husband of a European queen regnant to be called "King Consort".

    Daniel will remain Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland, when his wife becomes the Queen Consort of Sweden.

    His situation is similar to that of Prince Philip in the UK and the husbands of the queens regnant of Denmark and the Netherlands, both of whom were given the titles of "Prince" and who remained princes when their wives became their countries' queens.

    Edit: Sorry, I meant to type "Regnant". Of course she won't be Queen Consort. That should have been pretty obvious, since I used "regnant" elsewhere, including the first sentence.

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    There is a good chance that he will be HM King Daniel, since he got the equivalent of his wife's titles upon their marriage.

  • Anonymous
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    He is, and shall always be, "that gym instructor" as far as I'm concerned...

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