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Foster Home (Vancouver B.C canada)?

I want to go to a fosterhome

I honestly dont know where to start.

K first of all my parents hit me when i do somthing wrong or bad.

I am worried about my future my parents dad espisally is bad he has anger problems , calls me a junky, and says one day he will kill me.

Im really scared if i call and want to go to a foster home and someone comes to my house my dad will seriously injure the person and probaly kill me. i want to go toa foster home secretly then later my parents can be informed. i dont want to see themafter that.

If i cant go to foster home i will either kill my self or run away.

I want a family that will care about me.

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    If you are serious and not just trolling then speak to a teacher or counsellor at school about what is going on. They will notify the correct authorities who will know what to do and how to handle things. Foster homes are not places you can just walk up to and stay at. They are private homes and the people who live there have signed up to the foster car program and as such they open their homes to children in need who are placed there by Social Services. Its not like there is a sign out front that says "Foster Home".

    Source(s): Ex-foster parent
  • Anonymous
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    First, go to police station.

    Tell a police officer (confidentially) honestly what happened to you.

    If they consider your case seriously, they would recommend you to a safe home or young people home where you can stay safely for a few days to a few weeks.

    There are probably counsellors who can recommend you for foster family. That depends how serious your case is.

    Parents might need to attend classes about family upbringing and family education. If they are willing to correct their behaviours and to work things out with you, why not?

    Now go to the police station and ask to talk to an officer who deals with domestic violence. You can always request to talk to a female officer if that makes you more comfortable and less intimidating.

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