Does the united states have the best military in the world?

i know we have a strong army, but are we the best. i kinda think were the strongest. also, if we did go to war and it was going bad for us, would the united nations back us up. when i look at it, we have the best aircraft and our navy seals are the best in the world.


also, what do you guys mean old equipment

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    Yes the United States easily has the best military in the world by far and is 30 years ahead of most of the advanced countries and believe it or not 50 year's ahead of some countries (i am not joking) If you deny this than you are in denial and naive about the technology and power that the US military has. Let alone the technology and weapons they have in their possession that you do not know of yet and that you WONT find on wikipedia because they have not made light of it publicly.

    The United States has the most advanced and largest Air Force and has a little over 18,000 aircraft. And has produced in total over 50,000 aircraft. maintains around 5600 active ready to fly aircraft. The US navy maintains around a little over 2000 aircraft.

    The United States Navy is the most powerful largest and most advanced navy. Has built over 20,000 ships. And has around 2500 or a little more active ships. The US navy has the most Warships in the world to. the US Navy has 11 active Air craft carriers and is building 3 new air craft carriers (the Gerald R ford class).. To give you a comparison China has 1 aircraft carrier which is outdated as hell (old) and Russia has 1 and they are having massive cut backs in their navy and military in general they recently slashed 15% of their budget and their plans to build a new carrier fell through because they do not have the money or even the facilities to build such a large ship. The US Navy also has over 60 Destroyers, 75 submarines, and is building 30 new attack submarines, and is building and planning on at least 12 new Ballistic missile submarines.

    The United States Military has produced over 200k weapons of mass destruction, and has produced over 75-90k nuclear weapons. The peak Stockpile was at 35,000 ACTIVE online weapons in 1965. The United States has only released its number of Nuclear weapons 2 times. (they claim its the accurate number) the US claims they do "do not lie" of course we know all governments lie... Outside sources in other government or non government agencies have estimated the US stockpile to right now be at 30,000 nuclear weapons, of those 20,000 or so are estimated to be in "hedge stockpile" meaning they are ACTIVE but not on current delivery systems... They estimate another 5000-7000 are on Active ONLINE status (meaning they are attached or are next to delivery systems ready to be fired quickly)..

    _________ Spending: The United States Military spends and has over a 1 trillion dollar Budget. The Department of Defense Budget alone is 675,000,000,000.. That however is not the end of Military spending that is just what the DOD spends and that is 6-7 times more than what china spends and 10 times what Russia spends.. The US still spends several other billion dollars on the CIA, on military intelligence, on homeland security, on international affairs, on FBI, on counter terrorism, and on "defense mandatory spending" in addition other amounts are spent on research, and Veterans affairs.

    ^^ just a little crude map. To show how the US counters Russian targets and threat. Also Keep in Mind the US and her allies NATO are moving along with the Missile Defense shield in Europe.

    ^^ this is a good read on Russia's current military capability's today.

    Its far far to much for me to explain id run out of room. If you'd like to learn more do your own research. Oh and btw to give you some insight on what the US has a few publicly known things they are developing (new ballistic missile submarine class, New nuclear weapons class, new bunker busters bombs, New aircraft carrier class, New Destroyer class, New mid level bomber to be complete by 2018, a heavy level bomber to replace the b52 to be completed by 2037, 6th generation aircraft fighters (non man aircrafts), New nuclear weapons facilities/plants, new attack submarines, New cruisers, new amphibious warships, new mine warfare craft, new air drones.

    if youd to learn some basic things to compare ^^ also

    Source(s): ^ nuclear weapons the US has are being moderanized and new delivery systems made. In addition a number of nukes will be taken out of the Hedge stockpile to be in the Active online stockpile. And a number of nukes from the Reserve stockpile will be moved to the Hedge stockpile. In addition 2 new nuclear weapons facilities are being constructed and new design for nukes are being planned as well as making new w76 nukes and 61 series.
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    America spends more money on its military than the whole world combined. We have the biggest and most advanced navy with 12 aircraft carriers vs the leading second being england with 1, we also have the biggest and best Air Force in the world, most high tech planes and technology. Our Army has the best training for its size and best equiment and Marines have the best training but get all the old equipment. We have the best training in the world. And strongest military. We can take on any country or mulitiple countries at a time with our power right now. We can win a war just by surrounding a country with out Navy and blocking its supply, and no one can do anything about it. We control the seas, control the sky and control the ground. We are the best

    Source(s): Every thing the dark guy said was wrong, China makes there poeple serve while ours is volunteer so we fight because we want to not cause we have to, and England does not have the best navy, far from it like I mentioned before US has the best everything.
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    Yes, and no.

    The US Army, overall, is one of the strongest as you have a very large Army, with loads of equipment.

    However, if you are looking for the best fighters, no. Man for man, the US Army is okay, even good, but, many others are much better. Canadians, Aussies, Brits, the Gurkhas (probably the best fighters in the world), and many more. But, while quality counts, so do numbers, and the US has the numbers, and the equipment to do well. But, a company of Americans against a company of Canadians? My money's on the Canucks!

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    Yes, at least for now. I don't know if NATO would back us up if we went to war, it would depend on who we went to war with. Arguably our Navy SEAL Team Six [who took down Bin Laden] is the best fighting force in the world. China and India have the greatest number of soldiers but they don't have the technology that the US does. Russia would be another army that would be tough, as well as the Israeli army. Things like the "Bunker Busters", "Sniffers" different variations of stealth fighters, variations of tanks, different upgrades on the Patriot Missile, a sniper rifle that can shoot 1/2 mile away and hit a target, the US still has the technology over others.

    Source(s): science channel
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    believe it or not but Turkey has the latest ship i forgot what it was called and when Turkey was making it all the countries in the world said it was impossible for anyone to have that type of ship and Turkey built it also they have the most f-16 jets in the world . At the moment usa russia or china might be the strongest but from the start of 2015 Turkey gonna have the latest and best army in the world. You might not agree and u might dislike me but im just reading the facts.

    Source(s): Australian defence force rilfeman.
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    The US has the best Air Force, the US navy practically controls the oceans, over 9,000 nuclear war heads, best weaponry, most satellites in space, best communications, bases all over the world, some of the most elite special ops.

    Source(s): The U.S would devastate
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    The United States has the most advanced and largest Air Force and has a little over 18,000 aircraft. And has produced in total over 50,000 aircraft. maintains around 5600 active ready to fly aircraft. The US navy maintains around a little over 2000 aircraft.

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    I would say if you were to add up points for size, technology, etc., yes! But Germany has some amazing technology, but is not very big and China has a HUGE military, but lacks in "up-to-date" stuff according to some, and you get the point. We have hands down the best AF though!

    Source(s): My opinion.
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    Yes. The US has the most powerful and well-trained military in the world. They are the best of the best.

    Source(s): Common sense
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    We spend more money on the military than the rest of the world, twice over and then some, combined.

    "Best" is a subjective term. I would say that the US military is probably the most effective, overall, but not the most efficient.

    I would also argue that in terms of ground troops, China probably is the winner in terms of sheer power. With regard to navies, I would say the UK is probably on top. If you are arguing nuclear weaponry, Russia has the US beat.

    But if you're talking sheer ability to blow things up with conventional bombs, the US cannot be competed with. Also, as you say, our military aircraft is top notch.

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