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What's the difference between 気持ち and 気分?

ive heard people use ''kibun ga warui'' for physically not feeling well, but ''kimochi ga warui'' seems to be used when someones creeped out or grossed out.

so that correct? what are the used for? what do kibun ga ii and kimochi ga ii mean to?



and how do you say ''i feel __''? like, i feel like eating a cookie or i feel weird. are kukki wo taberu ki ga shiteiru n hen na ki ga shiteiru correct at all?

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    Yes, it is correct.

    "Kibun ga warui" usually means feeling unwell. "Kimochi ga warui" can mean the same, and is also often used to describe something as disgusting.

    "Kibun ga ii" means feeling well, and "Kimochi ga ii" means feeling great or comfortable.

    "I feel like eating a cookie" can be translated as:

    kukki wo tabe tai


    kukki wo tabe tai ki ga shimasu (less common).

    "I feel weird" would be:

    hen na kimochi ga shiteiru.

    I hope this will help.

    Source(s): I am Japanese
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