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Fantasy Baseball Trade Advice?

I get

Paul Konerko

Adam LaRoche

David Freese

Jacoby Ellsbury (DL)

Clayton Kershaw

I lose

Miguel Cabrera

Jered Weaver

good or bad for me?

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    Very interesting. Kershaw is about on the same level as Weaver, I'd give Weaver a slight edge, but not by that much. Now we're looking at Konerko/LaRoche/Freese/Ellsbury for Cabrera. LaRoche isn't very good, he's just put out some better than normal numbers so far this year (although there are many better 1B options in the league). Konerko has been fairly steady for the past few years. Freese is in a slump, and we haven't seen that much of him to know if he'll return to his form of the first few weeks of the season. Ellsbury... his injury doesn't sound promising. Nobody knows how much longer he'll be out for. Could be a month, could be the rest of the season.

    If Ellsbury comes back this year, you definitely win the trade. If he doesn't, then you are really looking at Konerko/Freese/Kershaw for Cabrera/Weaver, and that's a close trade, with Miggy/Weaver having a slight edge in my opinion strictly based off of career performances.

  • 9 years ago

    Wait to make sure Konerko is ok after taking that pitch to the face. If Konerko is fine the next few games, pull the trigger!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Who is your current 1b? Will you be starting those guys on a daily basis? Its a winning trade but not if you're going to be sitting 2/5 of the players you're getting.

  • 9 years ago

    Great for you! You get 4 great players (not counting LaRoche) and only lose 2 great players, I can't see how you can lose in this one.

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