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Will my periods stop when my sister leaves?

I started my periods a few weeks ago. My sister is the only one in the house that has periods apart from me now. I know that when people live in the same house, their periods are at the same times. When my sister leaves to go to university in September, will my periods stop or become really irregular?

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    no, your period will not stop. lol. when girls live together or spend a lot of time together, their periods begin to sink up. i should know, i was in a nursing class (out of 25 people 1 was a boy) and i noticed that we all got moody at about the same time, and my teacher would bring in a box of chocolates for this time, so we knew she had hers too. it's natural. is your sister older than you or are you older than your sister? if you're older than her, then when she began her period, it was on the same cycle as you. or if you're younger than her, vice versa. i am 21 and i've been living on my own for 2 years now. until i moved out me and my mom had our period at almost exactly the same time. but once i moved out the first few months were a little confusing. that's because almost immediately after i moved out it changed (sometimes it can take a few months). i had forgotten to keep track for the first month (i put a little red dot on the calendar for every day i get my period), so the next month i was thinking "wtf? what's going on?" but unfortunately, your period won't stop until you're either pregnant or going through menopause (in your late 40's to late 50's, sometimes mid 60's).

    if you want your period to become regular (if it's not already) then i would suggest taking birth control pill. it's not just for avoiding getting pregnant, but it is great for if you want to get your period on a regular cycle. but i would suggest asking your doctor or a pharmacist which one they'd suggest, because some of them will give you food cravings and make you eat more so you gain weight or just gain weight in general. there are some out there that don't do this, though!

    as for it becoming irregular. that may not happen. the first few months it may seem slightly irregular because your body is getting into its natural rhythm, but eventually it would be predictable.

    You can start the pill any time, so if you don't want to be weirded out about this when your sister goes, you could start taking it now, so you've got everything figured out. but this wouldn't do anything negative to your body, other than what i've already said you should be careful about. you could ask your mom for help shopping for this, and if you explain what it's for (period cycle, not avoiding babies), she will understand. i gave my mom quite a shock when i told her i was on birth control at one point, but then i had to explain and i got her to calm down. lol.

    congratulations on getting your period, you have officially entered the world of women. welcome to the club!

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    You are over-estimating how much of an effect having women around you has. Yes, it's true that if you live with another woman all the time, your cycles will have a tendency to become very close to each other. But it's not an overnight thing and it's not something that causes menstruation to start or stop completely. It just affects you, changing possibly the length of your cycles by a day or two, but not much more than that.

    It's possible that your periods could become irregular, but it's not because your sister is no longer around you. Since you just started menstruating, your cycles can be irregular or change drastically over the next couple of years. Even if you have 10 very regular cycles in a row at first, it's possible that you may then become irregular, and then will probably be regular again. Your body is adjusting to the hormone differences and will figure out a cycle that is right for you.

    It's also possible that you may miss a period or two when your sister leaves simply from the stress of having her move away. Stress can cause women to skip periods occasionally and severe stress can actually cause major alterations in a woman's menstrual cycle.

    Weight loss or gain also can affect the menstrual cycle, so if you start over-eating from the stress of your sister leaving, it's possible that over-eating can affect your cycles.

    The best thing to do is just not worry and not stress about your periods changing when your sister leaves. And try not to stress about your sister leaving either--she is going on to bigger things and will always love you and will be able to see you sometimes. That's what happens when we get older, things change, our siblings leave home, and it's hard, but it's better for her to go to university than to stay at home with her family right now.

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    They will probs stay the same, maybe i tiny bit irregular :)

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    You should just go to your natural cycle.

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