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Guys, what is the best car chase scene in a movie?

Where the hero was being chased by the police, like that scene in Blues Brothers.

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    Here's a few I would recommend before I give my opinion on "the best":

    **Cannonball Run (1981)

    This movie is ripe with great chases. In fact, the whole movie is little more than a series of skits built around one big car chase. And these sequences invole some spectacular cars, including a Ferrari 308 GTS, an Aston Martin DB5 and a gorgeous opening sequence where a Lamborghini Countach makes short work of a Pontiac Firebird police cruiser.

    **Vanishing Point (1971)

    A Dodge Challenger involved in a bump-and-run two-car contest on a one-track road in the middle of the American west -- and it's the only road out of the desert heat. Numerous hapless drivers are forced off the road on the hazard-ridden sprint from Denver to San Francisco that includes cops, racers and bandits alike.

    **Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)

    Not the remake with Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie, though that boasts some pretty spectacular car-chase sequences itself. This is the 1974 original that culminates in a massive 34-minute chase sequence over the Long Beach, California ports complex that many movie fans and critics consider the best ever captured on celluloid.

    **The French Connection (1971)

    How about the police chasing someone? One of the best chases in a film ever, the seqeunce remains a classic as a result of its impromptu crashes that weren't supposed to be part of the action but were left in the sequence after several stunt drivers mistimed their entrance into the car chase, striking Gene Hackman's car instead of narrowly avoiding it as he chases a train-bound drug dealer. The sequence took several days to shoot even though the chase's screen time is barely two-and-a-half minutes.

    **Ronin (1998)

    Want cops chasing people? This probably it: sport sedans such as a BMW M5, Peugeot 406 and, perhaps most famously, an Audi S8 all dodge and weave through a staggering array of police cars, trucks and motorcycles. Countless vehicles meet their end and more than 300(!) stunt drivers were employed to give the real-time chases scene an air of metal-crunching realism. Added bonus: few actors that can capture the mixture of terror and exhilaration involved in a car chase quite like De Niro, while French actor Jean Reno is the only person who could make driving a Peugeot an exercise in steely manhood.


    Bullitt (1968)

    Bullitt is perennially voted as having the best car chase of all time. Real-life racing enthusiast Steve McQueen barrels after bad guys on the streets of San Francisco in an epically cool 1968 Ford Mustang in a delicious "Highland Green" color (McQueen even did most of his own stunts for the movie, too). In a cityscape that gets most drivers nervous for its ups and downs, San Francisco proves the ultimate car chase backdrop. This is a must-see film and hands-down the best car chase in a movie.

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    I'd say the police chase from the 1st Transformers movie (the one that wasn't stupid) because its the only one i can think of where the cars turned into giant robots and started fighting eachother.

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    i'm assuming since you picked the blue brothers as a example that you want your car chase scenes free of fancy green screen computer generated effects..

    here's my selection (100% free of CGI)..

    Short Time

    Youtube thumbnail

    The Seven-Ups

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Death Proof

    (couldn't find a decent quality link for that scene)


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  • I love Cary Grant evading the police while drunk in North by Northwest!

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