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? asked in Social SciencePsychology · 9 years ago

I have a really bad fear of death?

my main fear is not waking up from sleep or the loss of control over it. I understand people will say theres nothing you can do and i get that but thats the bit im most scared about l. Its stopping me from living my life properly and i have agoraphobia from it. I cant see how i can ever get over this fear as it willhappen one day ! im not demeaning fear of other things spiders, flying etc but i feel thats something that can be overcome. Thanks in advance

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    Some famous people who have suffered from agoraphobia include Woody Allen (director), Paula Dean (celebrity chef), and Elfriede Jelinek (Nobel literature laureate).

    Agoraphobia is often misunderstood as a fear of open or crowded places. It can sometimes coexist with these phobias, but agoraphobia is the fear of being too far away from a “safe” area. Agoraphobics often welcome visitors to their home, since they’re in better control of the situation, but simply don’t like leaving their own home.

    Agoraphobic people suffer panic attacks if they feel unsafe; this can include feeling trapped or finding oneself too far away from a comfort zone.

    Like all phobias, agoraphobia doesn’t discriminate. Age, religion, ethnicity and socioeconomic background don’t affect who could be afflicted with agoraphobia. The one notable exception to this rule is that women are about twice as likely to suffer from agoraphobia.

    This anxiety disorder generally develops from a mild fear to a serious condition that affects daily life.

    Treatments for agoraphobia include gradual exposure and desensitization to the situations that worry the sufferer, medication, therapy, and other treatments such as hypnosis. There is much more at

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    here's the answer. option 1: stop stressing and deal with the fact that everything dies, even non living things, they can 'die' just like living things, except they just get crushed or demolished out of common and useful existence. Option 2: see a psychiatrist or psychologist about this for psychiatric help. option 3: see doctor about it and maybe get drugs?

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