YG Entertainment Audition 2012?

Hey I just passed my audition mail post to them 2 days ago, Will they response on my audition? or they will not say that they receive my mails?

I watched the Australia audition and I love to take a audition personally but it's too far to get there in person.

please answer if Yg will give me a response after receiving my audition clips.

thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    the YG Audition Manager said, you should wait 1 week upto 1 month. If there is no response, then it only means one thing, you're rejected. But you can always try again :) Don't feel down, even Park Bom had to audition more than once before YG accepted her. I heard she auditioned thrice or 5 times. :) I'm from Philippines too! and I'm going to pass my demo tapes this month too! Hope to see you soon! ^^

    by the way, which address did you use? the old or the new? :)

  • 8 years ago

    you only receive a call when you are accepted. if you don't get a call after 1 month than you are not accepted.

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