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My friend said she thinks she could easily become a serial killer?

Ok we used to be practically best friends. She always seemed super nice and caring although sometimes I did feel as if her niceness was fake, you know how sometimes you can just sense it. Well things started to get wierd the closer we got. I knew she had a rough childhood with child molestation and just horrible parents that did unmentionable things to her. However, I do not hold people accountable for the abuse they've endured. I never would do such a thing to anyone. One day she confessed she wishes she could kill someone "Just to see how it feels" I told her that was awful and why would she say such a thing. She said she liked the power. This bothered me tremendously and I tried to only see her in public afterwards. Then about a week later she says she watches serial killing movies to "Feed her inner serial killer" she said she wishes she could torture and kill people. She then said she had to stop herself from killing her ex.. I officially stopped talking to her altogether. I want NOTHING to do with her. I feel sick to my stomach when I see a picture of her and when she calls I completely ignore it. I almost want to change my number. Am I over reacting, or is this something that needs to be taken seriously as I am? I guess I just want opinions?

Please do not tell me to tell an adult. We both are adults and neither of us live with our parents. I'm a college students and she's married with a baby on the way.


Oh, and she's been talking this way before long before her pregnancy so please do not say it's the hormones... it's not.

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    She talks like that and somebody still married and made a baby with her?? Wow...

    It sounds very horrendous. I'd call the police. Tell them exactly what you said here. Pregnant or not. If anything, that baby needs to be put up for adoption. That baby doesn't need a serial killer for a mother...

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    You may not want to do this but u need to, she needs help. You and I both know tht if four years from now u saw her picture on the news, and a picture of someone she killed if she actually followed thru, that would feel so bad and u would probably feel at blame..I probably would...try and get her some help..

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    Some serious advice. If she is dead serious (no pun intended) it's best to ignore how from now and on. But if she is like holding a grudge since you are ignoring her, speak to a helpline or talk to the cops.Have a talk with her, if you are comfortable doing so. I have seen people desiring to kill someone just to "see how it feels" and they went to jail. If possible try to get her (Or at least tell her) a therapist.

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    Well you can always do what people in medical or psychological or caretaking jobs are required to do by law: Call the police so that they can keep an eye out for what she does.

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    wow thats super funny... sometimes my boyfriend says dumb stuff like that and i think he gets turned on by torture movies... honestly. alot of people do.... i dont take it seriously. but! i am very scared of that stuff to. that movie hostile is actually true... stuff like that happens all the time... i would never kill someone jail would suck! i wouldnt give my life to take someone elses... i would just ignore her.. dont be mean though. i dont think she will kill u.... lol.. she is pregnant... i can push her and she will roll like a rolley pollie.. lol... carry mase at all times! and never get ur guard down.. once she has her baby im sure she will change if not i hope she doesnt hurt her baby....... a helpless little kid thats sad i hope she is a good mother.... sometimes people change... maybe she just said that to be funny or talkin out her ***...

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    Well I wouldn't fully ignore her because that could make her really mad, Who knows? If she is serious then she might hurt you..

    Call the cops and tell them you are worried for her. Tell them what happened, maybe they can put her on watch or make her do counseling or something..

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