What are each of these people known for?

I'm studying for a test and just wanted to know if anyone knew who each of these people were off the top of their heads:


Simon Bolivar

Leonardo da Vinci

James Watt

Martin Luther

Eli Whitney

John Calvin

Henry Bessemer

King Henry VIII

Edward Jenner

Prince Henry the Navigator

Louis Pasteur

Vasco de Gama

Count Cavour

Christopher Columbus

Adam Smith

Hernando Cortez

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Francisco Pizarro

Karl Marx

Ferdinand Magellan

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Francis Drake

Otto von Bismarck

Jacques Cartier

Woodrow Wilson

Nicolaus Copernicus

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Johannes Kepler

Vladimir Lenin

Galileo Galilei

Joseph Stalin

Issac Newton

Benito Mussolini

William Harvey

Adolf Hitler

Oliver Cromwell

Douglas MacArthur

William and Mary

Franklin Roosevelt

Thomas Hobbes

Dwight D. Eisenhower

John Locke

Harry Truman


Winston Churchill

Jean-Jacques Rosseau

Chiang Kai-shek

Mao Zedong

Ho Chi Minh


Mohandas Gandhi

Johann Sebastian Bach

Jawaharlal Nehru

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Indira Gandhi

Eugene Delacroix

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Miguel de Cervantes

Jomo Kenyatta

Louis XIV

Nelson Mandela

Frederick the Great

Golda Meir

Peter the Great

Gamal Abdul Nasser

Louis XVI

Margaret Thatcher


Mikhail Gorbachev

Toussaint L’Overture

Deng Xiaoping

Looong list, I know. Just put their name and why we remember them

Ex: Eli Whitney- invented the cotton gin


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    Simon Bolivar--Bolivian general

    Eli Whitney--invented the cotton gin

    John Calvin--theologian

    Christopher--discovered America

    Karl Marx--invented Communism

    Ferdinand Magellan--explorer

    Franz Ferdinand--assassination led to World War I

    Francis Drake--explorer

    Woodrow Wilson--America's president during World War I

    Kaiser Wilhelm II--Germany's ruler during World War I

    Vladimir Lenin--Soviet Union's first leader

    Joseph Stalin--brutal Soviet dictator; started the Cold War

    Isaac Newton--discovered gravity

    Benito Mussolini--Italian dictator, ally to Hitler

    Adolf Hitler--German dictator, started World War II, killed millions in the Holocaust

    Douglas MacArthur--American general in World War II

    Franklin Roosevelt--America's president during the Great Depression and World War II

    Dwight D. Eisenhower--American general during World War II, American president in the 1950s

    John Locke--political philosopher

    Harry Truman--American president, authorized use of the atomic bombs against Japan

    Winston Churchill--led Britain to victory in World War II

    Chiang Kai Shek--Chinese nationalist leader, later president of Taiwan

    Mao Zedong--Communist leader of China

    Ho Chi Minh--Vietnamese nationalist, later leader of North Vietnam

    Mohandas Gandhi--led India's struggle for independence from the British

    Johann Sebastian Bach--classical music composer

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart--musician and composer

    Indira Gandhi--India's first woman leader

    Nelson Mandela--leader of ANC, later South Africa's first black president

    Golda Meir--first woman prime minister of Israel

    Gamul Abdul Nasser--president of Egypt in 1950s and '60s, nationalized Suez canal

    Margaret Thatcher--Britain's first woman prime minister. Made Britain capitalist again.

    Mikhail Gorbachev--leader of Soviet Union in 1980s. Ended the Cold War.

    Deng Xiaoping--leader of China from 1976 to 1997

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  • 8 years ago

    Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel

    Henry VIII created the Church of England and had 6 wives

    Martin Luther founded Lutheranism

    Da Vinci was an inventor and painter, most remembered for painting the Mona Lisa

    Source(s): I'm a history nerd
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  • 8 years ago

    Muhammad Ali jinah:

    I have this man in my pocket.I mean his pictures.he is the founder of pakistan,And pakistani currency have his pictures on it.and i'm a pakistani.

    He is given the title of "Quad-e-Azam".which means greatest leader.He is also the first governere general of pakistan,search at wikipedia for further information.

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