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How can there be Jewish Americans who lobby US Government for pro-Israel issues, are they real Americans?

I'm not being antisemtic, but to me, being an American means placing America FIRST. How can you place another country before America?

I just can't imagine countries like China where another ethnic group lobby the Parliament for support of their home country, that is interpreted as treason in many places.


@Phoenix: I'm obvioulsy refering to situations where there exists a conflict of interest between America and Israel. I am sure you would agree the Jewish Americans would place their "multiple loyalty" with Israel under this circumstance before America.

Update 2:

@Phoenixs: You and I both know that generally speaking, Jewish Americans would support pro-Israel issues where a conflict of interest exists. If you read the autobiography of Ronald Reagan, you'd know that his hardest time in Congress was getting past the pro-Israel lobby when he decided that providing weapons to Arab allies were in AMERICA's best interest. This is serious problem in the USA, and this was the cause for the support of Nazism, precisely because Jewish Germans did NOT place their patriotism first and foremost with Germany.

Update 3:

There is nothing wrong with having "multiple" loyalties considering a person's historical background but only in situations where the benefit is mutually exclusive, whereas the benefit is conflicting, and in turn supporting another nation, is nothing short of treason against the country where one has sworn to citizenship to.

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    First consider that most of the things you own were probably made in China.

    Second note that there are many jobs that are internationally outsourced.

    Now if you ever used antivirus programs, instant messaging, cell phones, or Motorola products then you have used a product of Israel. Is that worth nothing to you? Beyond that, consider that Israel has the third highest number of companies on the US stock market (the first of course is the USA and the 2nd is China; being 3rd is usually not impressive but considering that Israel is very small and has only about 7 million people it is noteworthy at the very least). Now why does this matter? International relations. No nation can survive alone and Israel has contributed SO MUCH to the USA; the USA equally contributes back.

    Now what you possibly do not know is that Israel is a western democracy with a constitution VERY similar to the US constitution. I am not saying you possibly don't know this due to ignorance but rather given the media image of Israel. Remember: most US news networks do not exactly show the basic everyday life of someone in America. But you live in the USA so you know what it is like. Similarly, the media only shows the newsworthy stuff. Most of it revolves around the Arab-Israeli conflict. Many Muslims (not all, of course), especially in some middle eastern nations, have many problems with the democratic governments present in the USA and in Israel. Often, such extremist Muslims perform acts of Jihad, which are mostly terrorist attacks. The organizations that planned 9/11 - very similar organizations are ones that attack Israel on a fairly regular basis.

    So why is all of this important?

    Well, here is a fairly simple list

    1) Having movements be pro-Israel is NOT the same as putting another nation ahead of the USA; it is merely expressing concern to an ally. The best example is to consider our relations with China: we want to be on good terms with them since they provide us with a lot of goods and we owe them a very significant portion of the current deficit.

    2) Lobbying for pro-Israel ideas is lobbying for democracy. As I explained earlier, Israel is VERY democratic (and yes, there are Arab officials in the Israeli government including a supreme court judge, for example).

    3) To address your treason argument; you are partially right. Yes, comradery with another nation CAN be considered treason but there are conditions to it, including if the other nation is in bad relations with the nation where the supposed traitor lives. Remember: Israel is on pretty good terms with the USA. Supporting Israel is not an act against the US government. Now I do not know where your ancestry lies but unless you are purely Native American then you have some old world ancestry. Do you feel no loyalty or connection to that nation? (note I am not asking you to choose that nation OR the USA). One can have multiple loyalties especially if the two loyalties are allies.

    To summarize and answer your questions simply:

    There can be Jewish Americans who lobby US Government for pro-Israel issues because they care about Israel.

    Yes, they are real Americans. Remember - Israel and the USA hold very similar democratic values and supporting one is supporting both.

    Those lobbying for pro-Israel ideas are not necessarily putting Israel first; they are concerned about the (ancient and current) home of many of their people and most likely believe that stronger relations with Israel will be beneficial for the USA.

    To respond to your additional details: Not necessarily. The best example is myself. I am a Jewish American but I was ENTIRELY against Israel's plan to preemptively attack Iran. I admit there do exist conflicts of interests but the loyalty depends on the individual and one must still consider more than the small scope of the single situation.

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    It seems to me that you have got two things wrong : First of all, you think that being pro another country and even lobbying on its behalf is somehow treasonous. Secondly, you think this is an issue only with Jewish Americans. As it happens, there are many non Jews who are also pro Israel. Yet your question specifically focuses on Jews.

    As it happens, it is not treasonous nor even illegal to advocate on behalf of Israel in Washington. Otherwise, pro Israel advocates could be arrested. So, if your own government doesn't consider it treasonous why do you differ from them? Are you then going to argue that everyone in the position of power is a traitor since they see nothing wrong with lobbying?

    It is a standard antisemitic canard to accuse Jews of dual loyalty. So when you pose this question, one wonders what exactly you are trying to say.

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    Those who lobby for Pro-Israel issues are not necessarily putting anyone else's interests over the US interests.

    They simply see US interests differently than you do.

    I have not seen any examples of putting Israel ahead of US interests. Perhaps you can provide an example, as you see it.

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    Great point. I don't believe for one second that Jews are patriotic towards America or the American People. They Only care about the Jewish state, opportunities for Jewish Supremacy, and money.

    Anyway, that's how I feel.

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    Actually most minorities lobby for their issues.,2933,273718,00.html

    Now for Israel...Israel is an ally just like Britain and many other EU countries.We send money to Africa,middle east,Mexico,Bangladesh....long list,why single out Israel?

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    No. They don't give a damn about our country as long as Israel is exist. They don't care about our troops who die or the debt we are in. Just think for moment why Israel didn't invade Iraq or Afghanistan with everyone else

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    They are Republican Jews, not Democrats.

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