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Can people from the countries of Turkey and Kazakhstan understand each other?

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    To a certain extent, but Turkish and Kazakh have low mutual intelligibility:

    "Practically speaking, Turkish has low intelligibility with Kazakh (Kipchak Branch), Uyghur and Uzbek (Uyghuric branch) and Khakas (Siberian branch). There is probably also low intelligibility between Turkish and Bashkir, Nogay, Kyrghyz and Tatar (Kipchak Branch). I would estimate that Turkish-Kazakh intelligibility is less than 40%.

    The intelligibility of Turkish and the Central Asian Turkic languages like Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrghyz and Turkmen is much exaggerated."

    EDIT: Robert Lindsay is a real piece of work, but he has an MA in linguistics, so I trust his expertise on this matter.

    Turkish and Kazakh are in two different branches of the Turkic family, Turkish being an Oghuz language and Kazakh being a Kipchak language, so there is a certain degree of difference to be expected.

    Also note, "The intelligibility of Turkish with the languages that had limited contact with Oghuz tribes and the Arabo-Persian world, such as Kazakh and Kyrgyz, let alone the languages located to the east of the Altay Mountains, seems to be very poor or zero."

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    In basic conversations yes. Grammatically these are 100% similar.

    But in business and study we have to learn some differences. Usually, when reading we can understand easily.

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    If they've had enough beer, absolutely!

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