What would you name 7 girls & 7 boys with these names?

So this is almost the same like my last two, these are the suggested sibling names from various websites for some of my favorite “old-dated” names (which are in parentheses). Please do NOT use the names in parentheses unless they happen to be in another list. I realize some of the names in the lists below are a bit odd, but just pick the one you hate the least, if you hate them all.

---- Girls ----

First name (from Edith): Adelaide, Flora, Matilda, Augusta, Myrtle, Josephine, Mary

Middle name (from Ralph): Doris, Elizabeth, Louise, Frances, Irene, Myra, Hannah

First name (Beatrice): Clementine, Blanche, Adriana, Rosa, Amelia, Michelle, Lucille

Middle name (Asa): Cordelia, Ziva, Charlotte, Miriam, Aviva, Yael, Lida

First name (Maude): Alice, Alberta, Olivia, Claire, Ida, Winifred, Violet

Middle name (Edwin): Eleanor, Bernice, Edith, Millicent, Claudia, Annalise, Beryl

First name (Florence): Olive, Lorraine, Virginia, Lillian, Grace, Evelyn, Leontine

Middle name (Leopold): Elsa, Alba, Wilhelmina, Rosamund, Avis, Maude, Emma

First name (Mabel): Lucy, Rosie, Clara, Estelle, Emily, Sadie, Stella

Middle name (Magnus): Thora, Magdalene, Sheila, Isadora, Lena, Astrid, Maeve

First name (Luella): Maybell, Winnie, Trixie, Hattie, Birdie, Tallulah, Fable

Middle name (Orson): Vienna, Penelope, Pearl, Victoria, Honora, Coral, Ruby

First name (Pearl): Joy, Hazel, Prudence, April, Poppy, Tuesday, Autumn

Middle name (Phillip): Suzanne, Teresa, Colette, Sarah, Diana, Joanna, Gwyneth

---- Boys ----

First name (from Orson): Cato, Prosper, Atticus, Eli, Hanson, Finley, Abbott

Middle name (from Maude): Wallace, Clark, Louis, Garrison, Warner, Charles, Guy

First name (Phillip): Johnny, Randall, Kent, Thomas, Hank, Andrew, Peter

Middle name (Florence): Trenton, Virgil, Ed, Emerson, Merritt, Thaddeus, Montana

First name (Ralph): Leonard, Matthew, Wendell, Henry, Lawrence, Ernest, John

Middle name (Mabel): Coleman, Austin, Owen, King, Miles, Augustus, Mark

First name (Asa): Abner, Benjamin, Hiram, Amos, Jacob, Reuben, Cyrus

Middle name (Luella): Buster, Jonah, Otto, Harvey, Lance, Bennett, Harry

First name (Edwin): Rudolph, Everett, Cecil, Russell, James, Lester, Arthur

Middle name (Pearl): River, Flint, Quentin, Sterling, Stone, Heath, Arden

First name (Leopold): Oliver, Walter, Sebastian, Bruno, Loyal, Frederick, Rex

Middle name (Edith): Rupert, Edmund, Casper, William, Albert, Archibald, Percy

First name (Magnus): Dominic, Torquin, Patrick, Cormac, Sinclair, Declan, Axel

Middle name (Beatrice): Claude, Jules, Armand, Adrien, Lucien, Terrance, Julien

Sorry if its long, and thanks in advance!


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    1* Adelaide Elizabeth "Ada"

    2* Lucille Charlotte "Lucie"

    3* Violet Annalise

    4* Lillian Emma "Lily"

    5* Sadie Lena

    6* Hattie Vienna

    7* Autumn Diana

    [Ada, Lucie, Violet, Lily, Sadie, Hattie & Autumn]


    1* Finley Louis "Finn"

    2* Andrew Ed "Drew"

    3* Matthew Owen "Matt"

    4* Benjamin Harry "Benji"

    5* Russell Flint "Russ"

    6* Oliver William "Ollie"

    7* Declan Jules "Dec"

    [Finn, Drew, Matt, Benji, Russ, Ollie & Dec.]

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    Matilda Louise

    Lucille Cordelia

    Violet Annalise

    Grace Rosamund

    Clara Magdalene

    Tallulah Ruby

    Hazel Joanna

    Eli Charles

    Hank Thaddeus

    Henry Augustus

    Abner Harvey

    James Arden

    Oliver Percy

    Declan Jules

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    Adelaide Elizabeth

    Amelia Charlotte

    Olivia Eleanor

    Grace Emma

    Sadie Maeve

    Hattie Victoria

    Autumn Colette

    Eli Garrison

    Andrew Emerson

    Henry Owen

    Benjamin Harry

    Everett Arden

    Oliver William

    Patrick Julien

  • 9 years ago

    Matilda Louise

    Amelia Charlotte

    Claire Eleanor

    Grace Emma

    Clara Maeve

    Tallulah Pearl

    Poppy Colette

    Finley Clark

    Johnny Emerson

    Henry Mark

    Jacob Harry

    James Arden

    Oliver William

    Patrick Lucien

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  • 9 years ago

    Flora Elizabeth

    Roma Charlotte

    Alice Annalese

    Emily Maeve

    Maybelle Victoria

    Hazel Teresa

    Cato Warner

    Thomas Emerson

    Matthew Austin

    Jacob Harry

    James Flint

    Bruno William

    Dominic Claude

  • Augusta Louise

    Clementine Miriam

    Alice Claudia

    Virginia Rosamund

    Clara Maeve

    Hattie Victoria

    Hazel Gwyneth

    Atticus Clark

    Andrew Merritt

    Henry Miles

    Amos Bennett

    Arthur Flint

    Walter Edmund

    Dominic Adrien

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    Mary Elizabeth

    Amelia Charlotte

    Olivia Edith

    Grace Emma

    Lucy Astrid

    Maybell Ruby

    Hazel Gwyneth

    Eli Clark

    Andrew Trenton

    Matthew Austin

    Benjamin Lance

    Everett River

    Sebastian William

    Patrick Claude

  • Anonymous
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    Adelaide Hannah

    Rosa Miriam

    Violet Eleanor

    Evelyn Alba

    Stella Maeve

    Maybell Victoria

    Poppy Colette

    Eli Garrison

    Andrew Thaddeus

    Henry Miles

    Cyrus Bennett

    Everett Stone

    Sebastian Casper

    Patrick Julien

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    1. Adelaide Elizabeth

    2. Amelia Charlotte

    3. Claire Eleanor

    4. Lorraine Elsa

    5. Lucy Magdalene

    6. Trixie Pearl

    7. Hazel Suzanne


    1. Eli Clark

    2. Johnny Emerson

    3. Leonard Mark

    4. Jacob Bennett

    5. James Flint

    6. Rex William

    7. Dominic Adrien

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    1. Matilda Irene

    2. Amelia Charlotte

    3. Olivia Annalise

    4. Evelyn Alba

    5. Emily Isadora

    6. Tallulah Pearl

    7.Autumn Joanna


    1.Eli Garronson

    2.Kent Montana

    3. Henry Miles

    4.Amos Lance

    5. James Arden

    6. Oliver William

    7. Declan Jules

  • 9 years ago

    Flora Elizabeth

    Amelia Charlotte

    Olivia Edith

    Evelyn Avis

    Stella Isidore

    Talulah Pearl

    Poppy Gwyneth

    Atticus Charles

    Peter Montana

    Lawrence Owen

    Benjamin Jonah

    James Quentin

    Sebastian Casper

    Dominic Claude

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