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what do rich people drive?

I was getting dinner last night in this fancy part of the town. It was about 1015 and I saw pretty nice cars parked. I parked the car and as I was walking with three of my friends to grab a bite to eat, I saw a older male probably 45 holding hands with a young blonde female, this girl was probably 20. They walked over to a Black Bentley Convertible he opened the door for her and got in the car. Two minutes later I saw a couple get into a 2012 Jaguar XJ, only this time he didn't open the door for his significant other. My question is what do these people do for a living to afford such cars? They were both dressed in suits. Quick question, would you rather have the Jag or Bentley.


do you consider these females lucky to be with rich guys?

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    Answering the last question, since I am totally clueless about the other ones...

    Some people have no choice.

    ^ copy and paste image url.

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    as to whether or not one is "rich" is not defined by the car you drive, or even the home you live in.. rich people drive all sorts of cars. but the truly wealthy, most of the time don't waste money on expensive cars. (no im not saying none of them do) one example: my father is a MD who is worth millions, he drives a toyota tacoma. before that he drove a ford truck for 15 years. i know many other wealthy people in my area who do the same.

    a "rich" person could own a Jag, and be in major debt at the same time. He just gives off the appearance to others that he is rich, but nobody knows his true financial situation. So yeah, you cant judge whether someone is rich or not rich based on the car they drive.

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  • 8 years ago

    They are well established men who worked hard when they were young and created a life for themselves. Now they can afford the young hot gf who will do all those things with her mouth that his wife wouldn't. The hot new young gf will pleasure him on the ride home where the wife wouldn't, she will let him do her anally where the wife would have nothing to do with that. She will allow another young lady to join them in the bedroom and she is quite open to any and all suggestions. He then buys her nice things.

    I would take the Bentley.

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  • Milton
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    If they both had very expensive cars, she may have been richer than he or he may have given her the car for services rendered. It is none of your business what their relartionship is or why they drive those cars. You can have the same car that she has oif you do whatever it is she does to get it. If she does what I think she does, the downside is that someday she will be buried in a Y-shaped coffin.

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  • 8 years ago

    What do they do? Could be anything. Sometimes legal sometimes not? I'd take the jag, but I don't like either one. I'd drive a dodge viper.

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