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What has NATO accomplished?

Could you give me a list of NATO's accomplishments with the sources (if you have any)? Thank you so much! That would be great.

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    NATO guarded most of Europe since it began on 4 April 1949, in direct confrontation with the Warsaw Pact.

    It provided a mechanism for joint exercises between the participating countries, with much of the resources coming from the US.

    After the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact NATO intervened in Bosnia and Herzegovina and also provided forces for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

    While the main members of NATO have been the Western European nations that participated, Canada and the US are also members, along with Iceland. France withdrew in 1966, but came back in as a member in 2009. Sweden, Switzerland and Finland are not members, nor are Russia, Ukraine, Georgia or other members of the former USSR, except for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which became members in 2004.

    Source(s): Also 31 years of military service in the US Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard.
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    Preventing World War 3 since 1949.

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    Yeah... pretty much the other two guys got it.

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