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Best Graphics card sub 200 dollars?

Ill start off with my Current Specs-

Intel i7-2600

8 Gb DDR3 Memory

60 Gb SSD

800 Gb HDD

Radeon 6670

So the Radeon 6670 will play all modern games, but ofcourse with significant lowering of settings.

I am looking for a card that can run new games on the higher settings, the most i want to spend is 200 dollars

What is the best card i could get for that?

Secondly my motherboard which is an Asus P8H67-M PRO, is AMD cross fire ready.

It has 1 pci-x16 and two pci, how could it run two modern cards when most cards need the x16 expansion?

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    very good deal @ $199 for a 2GB 6950

    as far as ur mobo goes it has 1 pci-e x 16(blue) and one pci-e x 4(black)

    u can c-fire if u wish but u will c a slight drop using the x 4 slot

    also make sure u have a min of 500 watt certified power supply for the 6950 if u go that way w/ 2 6 pin connectors

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    Off the top of my head I'm gonna say the 6870 Radeon or Nvidia 560 GTX Ti (if you can find a deal on one)

    Yeah here. 560 GTX Ti. $200 or less after rebate's the deal on your board. It has 2 PCI Express x16 slots, but in crossfire the 2nd slot will only run at x4 which will lose you about 30-40% performance. I'd go with a single card

    The performance drop for 8x & 8x is slight. The drop for 16x & 4x is much more dramatic

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    Generally speaking, the best cards under $200 the Radeon HD 6870 and GeForce GTX 560 (non-Ti) which typically sell for $175-$190. Those two are pretty even, depending upon the specific game either will be a bit faster. For example in BF3 the GTX 560 is a stronger performer, in Crysis the HD 6870 is better.

    The GeForce GTX 560 Ti and Radeon HD 6950 are even better, but those usually sell for $225-$250. Occasionally you'll see one of those cards on sale for $199.99. If you run across such a sale, jump on it.

    Your Asus P8H67-M PRO motherboard has two PCI-E x16 slots, which are completely unrelated to the two old-style PCI slots. If you install a 2nd graphics in Crossfire, the 2nd slot operates in x4 mode (although it's not really a big performance hit because of how the 2nd card is utilized). Most motherboards either operate in either x16/x4 or x8/x8 when dual cards are present.

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    check out for the sapphire radeon 6870 it is an amazing graphics card! it gets the job done. I can play crysis 2 easily with max 30+ fps. any other game it destroys! remember that you do need a 500w+ power supply so keep that in mind when buying a new graphics card. This was an easy install and runs very cool.

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    i could say this is in all probability the ATI Radeon HD 3850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3. Its suited for sub $two hundred. in case you are able to stretch somewhat greater, i could choose for the ATI Radeon HD 3870 or the nVidia GeForce 8800GT. The ATI 2900 and 1950 are sturdy bets additionally. The 8600 isn't a great card, this is low priced and the 3850 is just about double the overall performance of the 8600GT version.

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    I own an Asus (Nvidia) GTX 550Ti which has served me very well, however if you want to use CrossfireX in the future I'd recommend a Radeon 6870. My friend uses one and it's pretty damn good.

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