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Zodiacal significance of the solar eclipse on our horoscope?

Like "mercury retrograde" is supposed to be be bad for everyone.

What is a solar eclipse said or supposed to do for the signs of the horoscope? Good luck? bad luck? ...?

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    In my opinion, a solar eclipse rarely affects the natal chart in any significant way. The exception seems to be in the nativities of world leaders, or other highly visible public figures. In other words if the eclipse hits something in Barak Obama's chart, I might look for an effect, but in my neighbor's chart I expect nothing.

    The eclipse point in the zodiac is the same all over the world. There are 360 degrees in the chart and if we use a two degree orb either way, that's a lot of charts to be profoundly affected. We don't suddenly see a mass of humanity being wiped out on or near an eclipse day or even between eclipses. The significance must lie elsewhere.

    On the other hand, let's take a legitimate candidate for the US Presidency. And let's further stipulate the ruler of his ASC is in the 7th house of "other people" in pretty good shape. If an eclipse hits that planet (one or two degree orb - no more), it might not bode well for his election chances.Let's say its my neighbor who has the same situation. Odds are he or she will not notice a thing.

    The eclipse is something of a astrological bogeyman. They rarely live up to their advance billing (except as a show in the sky. They are truly spectacular), and astrologers quickly forget about the lack of impact and start worrying about the next one. Most of us are just not that important. Eclipses ignore us. Be grateful.

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