solar eclipse on your birthday?

just wondering does it mean anything if there is a solar eclipse on your birthday

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    If you mean that on the anniversary of your birth there was a solar eclipse, yes it can have meaning if the birthday occurs on the same day as the solar return. Solar returns generally occur on the birthday, but sometimes they occur one day before or one day after. If the solar return was on your birthday, we then need to know the time of the solar return, not just the day. If the eclipse occurs at the same time as the birthday or really close, it could be highly significant depending on the house it was in both the natal and solar return charts. To be more precise than that, an astrologer would have to look at both charts. It would be very rare for an eclipse to occur on the time of the SR and the fact that many others would have the same birthday is irrelevant.

    If you mean an eclipse occurred on the day you were born, there is a greater fudge factor, as being born on the day of an eclipse, by itself can be significant, but it doesn't always manifest the same way. The charts I've seen have one thing in common, the individual always seems to be highly unusual in some respect.

    Famed old west law man Wyatt Earp was born on the day of an eclipse (March 19, 1848, Monmouth IL time unknown). If Earp was born between sunrise and sunset (likely as the family record says "late morning") the Sun is in Pisces conjunct the south node, but disposited by Jupiter in Cancer (exaltation). This would give a mixture of good and bad fortune, which was true. Earp had his ups and downs in extremes. But two things singled him out from other men. One was his raw physical courage. Bat Masterson said that Wyatt Earp was "utterly destitute of physical fear." The other was that no matter what he did or where he went at any time in his life, from his earliest youth until he died, things just went mad all around him. If Wyatt Earp, a taciturn man, sat down at a Quaker meeting, with no input from him the place would probably erupt in a fist fight. (OK that's hyperbole). Yet he never understood why people had such strong opinions of him one way or the other (true today, too).

    Whether any of that can be pinned on the eclipse or not is uncertain as I don't have a precise birth time, but it is an accurate description. And to me, anyway, in some respects it is typical of eclipse births.

  • 9 years ago

    No, it means nothing.

    Considering the number of people on Earth, the frequency of Solar Eclipses, and the number of birthdays that must happen every day of the year, then it'll always be SOMEONES birthday when an eclipse happens, so its not rare enough for special meaning.

    Perhaps in the Dark Ages people might still have put ridiculous superstition on coincidences like that, but even then they would only attribute it any worth if the eclipse occurred on the actual day of birth, not on a later anniversary of birth (and even at that point, the disappearance of the sun would probably be taken as a BAD omen, most likely signifying witchcraft, and the child would be put to death).

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    I should expect a wonderful day to be had by all... except for one friend that had an unsettling event. But an excellent party theme in any case. My only advice for the day would be to use plastic party settings, just in case there is a tremor someplace nearby within a day or two. And to say a few kind words to our lunar neighbor. And what is the day and region?

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    9 years ago

    yes very indicative of new start

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