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Is there any good female comic book series?

i like Marvel a bit more but i don't mind DC

I know there is an x-23 comic book series. But I was wondering is there is any other ones?

not a big fan of wonder woman or Phoenix and hope, Sorry I know there is a lot of fans of jean grey and all but i haven't been a fan since i was a kid Lol I know I probably made a couple of enemy's but saying that lol. anyway if you can help thanks a whole bunch

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    Well good news on the Hope & Phoenix front, Hope's series was canceled and Jean Grey has been dead for years (but that can change at anytime). Also, I think the X-23 series was canceled as well (but she's in the Avengers Academy books now).

    Pretty much ANY team book has multiple women on their roster. Uncanny X-Men has Emma Frost, Psylocke, Danger (kinda, she's a robot), Magik & Storm. X-Men. Avengers has Spider-Woman, Quake and possibly Storm (she may or may not still be a member). Bird of Prey (DC) is an all female team: Katanna, Black Canary, Poison Ivy, Starling and Batgirl has guest-starred the past couple of issues.

    Solo books: Batwoman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Supergirl, World's Finest (Power Girl, an alternate reality version of Supergirl, and Huntress, the daughter of Batman & Catwoman from an alternate reality).

    Of those the only ones I really read are Uncanny X-Men, Birds of Prey Batwoman & Batgirl. So I do think they're pretty good.

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    Fantastic Four- Susan Richards/The Invisible Woman

    Wonder Woman





    I'm sure if you look you could find something on the Image comics website as I'm not familiar with anything not done by Kirkman, McFarlane and Larsen.

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    Well, X-Men Legacy is basically a "Rogue and her friends" book.

    And Carol Danvers will get a new name (Captain Marvel" and a new ongoing in a few months.

    Supergirl is pretty nice.

    If you want books that are already done, She Hulk had some awesome runs from Peter David and Dan Slott.

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    The call of the girl a lot of people are concerning, from Heavy steel, is Taarna. The blond-haired, sword-wielding, warrior woman. of course Jessica Rabbitt is likewise a good decision. yet for me, the panel in X-adult men the place Psylocke is popping out of the lake (in an extremely skimpy bikini) and distracting Scott lots Jean gray dumps her drink on him. That one instruments the known for appealing.

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    sailor moon is the only one I know...I love it!

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    Black Widow.

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