How do I get my record expunged in Wisconsin?

Here is a little background information. When I was 18 (8 years ago) I was issued a citation for retail theft. It was a mistake, that I have had to carry around with me for 8 years. It was initially a misdemeanor and reduced to a Civil Ordinance. When you search for me on "wisconsin circuit court" it says, "this is not a criminal offense, and only resulted in a money penalty" - however, when you click on my name it will take you to another page, and under "type of crime" it is stated as criminal. I want and need to get this expunged - is this possible? How can I do this - would I have to hire a lawyer again?

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  • 8 years ago
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    This will be a tough one, because Wisconsin has a tough expungement law (actually called "expunction" in WI). The only way it'll work is if the judge made an order of expungement at the time of your sentence. See the first source below (Wisconsin Circuit Court Access - Frequently Asked Questions - "I don't want my criminal case on WCCA. How can I get it removed?"). It's question #10, and it includes a link to the relevant statutory law. Also look at question #11 about how expunction doesn't remove your record from everywhere.

    The second source below, from the Wisconsin State Law Library, has more info about expunction, including the required forms. The link to Special Committee on Expunction of Criminal Records describes the committee's activities back in 2006, when there was a push to amend WI's tough expunction laws - but the committee was unable to agree and made no recommendation. Sorry.

    There may be a way around this, but it's doubtful and is definitely something you can't do without a lawyer. Sorry again.

    I found this information at the third source below, CourtReference Guide to Wisconsin Courts, in the "Self-Help and Legal Research" category. That same source has more info about WI court procedure, court contacts (if you need to ask the court a question), and info about lawyers, legal aid, and lawyer referrals.

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    While I do not have the Federal Statute in entrance of me and for this reason are not able to quote from it, I can let you know that underneath Federal Statutes, as soon as you will have been convicted of a Felony Offense crime, it doesn't matter what State you are living in, you are not able to possess, posses, or discharge a firearm, and moreover you can not even posses or convey a bullet or explosive devise. If I don't forget safely after 10yrs. He/She will have their rights underneath the Law :"Right To Bare Arms" reinstated by way of submitting for Clemency.

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