Vatican II document, Guadium et Spes?

How do the bishops portray the Church?

I know that Gaudium et Spes is an overview of the Catholic Church’s teachings about humanity’s relationship to society, especially in reference to economics, poverty, social justice, science, culture and ecumenism. It is for the purpose of working on behalf of the people of the world.

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    9 years ago
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    The Vatican is the center of Satanism. Satan has been in control of the Catholic church since probably the very beginning, or close to it. If not that far back, then he is certainly in charge now. Controlling what you are taught so that what you believe is what he wants you to believe. Even if you worship God and your prophet who may or may not be a messiah, if you do it through Catholicism, it's directed at the devil, and he is the recipient of that energy. The uncertainty of Jesus' messiahood aside, do you really think worshiping Mary and saints and dead popes and priests is proper? Satan would want you to think it is. They sacrifice children in the lower levels of the Vatican.

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