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Chance at USMC Platoon Leaders Class? (GPA, PFT, etc)?

Hello everyone, as frequent as this question most likely arises, I would like to present my own version. I am a Freshman right now in a competitive Engineering School in the Northeast, and I am currently applying for this October's selection board.

GPA: 3.25 (Mechanical Engineering)

Desired MOS: Infantry Officer (I know, I know...)

PFT (Pullups/Crunches/3mi): 20/100/~19:30 Still training + have time to resubmit until the end of Sept.

Medical: 15-20 eyesight, no forseen problems with MEPS other than a hairline elbow fracture years ago and heartburn medication.

SAT: ~1300

As for the rest of the package that cannot really be posted; I have great recommendations, my "Why I Want To be..." essay will be phenominal, no drug use, confident and outgoing personality.

I know the Marine Corps is really feeling the loss of funding, but I hope I am still a strong candidate for the program. My OSO informed me I would be a walk-on (essentially) to the Aviation program, but I truly have no desire to fly. Whether in Supply or Infantry, I want to lead soldiers on the ground. However, although dirty I did hear you can drop your Air Contract at TBS if you want to. Would it make sense to apply under an Air Contract for PLC and then drop for hopefully an IOC at TBS?

Thank you ahead of time.

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    EDIT: Just noticed your comment: "I want to lead soldiers on the ground" - sorry, no "soldiers" in the Marine Corps. We only have Marines. You have to sign up for the Army if you want to lead soldiers. By the way, supply, be aviation supply or ground supply, are not even close to infantry. Supply (MOS 3002 and 6602) are more administrative type MOSs with huge responsibilities to ensure that their respective combat arms branches (ground and air) have what they need, when they need it. One of the jobs I had as Major, was Group Supply Officer for Marine Aircraft Group - 24. I and my 226 officer and enlisted Marines supported 3 Fighter Squadrons, 5 Helo Squadrons, a Headquarters & Maint Squadron with 4 training aircraft, a Marine Air Control Squadron, and a Marine Air Base Squadron (arresting gear). I also had 46 officers and enlisted under me as part of the MAG's Marine Corps Property Section (individual ground combat gear to include tents, NBC decontamination and protection equip, generators, etc for deployed air combat ops). I had well over 100,000 line items in my inventory worth in excess of $350,000,000 and a aviation fuel account worth another $300,000,000. Lots of responsibility for junior officers and Senior Staff NCOs who helped me manage the operation.

    If you want to lead on "the ground" and infantry is not available, consider armor, artillery, combat engineers, and AAVs - these guys move into the line of fire on a regular basis and dispense a nice pattern of lead and steel on target.

    As the OSO said, you look good for the board.

    Re: Aviation contract: First you must take and pass the ASTB and the flight physical to qualify for PLC-AIR program. That said, it appears that you do not have any interest in being a Marine aviator. As such, DO NOT apply for PLC-AIR and tell the OSO that you want a ground MOS. That is all you have to do to get to PLC (OCS). Reason, Air slots are hard to come by and you would be depriving another officer candidate of a chance to apply for PLC-AIR - it is "unethical" for you to sign up for air with the pre-determined intent to change to ground. Eithics and honesty is a key characteristic of Marine Officers (all officers for that matter).

    Next you have to succeed in the two six week summer sessions that lead to a commission and then orders to The Basic School - assuming you do not washout of OCS and are commissioned (34+% washout). As you indicated, TBS is where all MOSs except for Marine Aviator/NFO are determined. Your position in your TBS class will determine if you get one of three MOSs that you request. To that end, work to be in the top 10% of your TBS class and you will pretty much get the pick of the MOSs that are available to your TBS class.

    Some advice in prep for PLC: Get a copy of the Marine Corps Handbook - the one issued to enlisted recruits. You can get it via Memorize it before you go to OCS. About 90% of the military subjects classes that you will received at OCS are from the Handbook. This will allow you to concentrate on other OCS requirements and to help others who are having academic problems (display of leadership skills). PFT - you are fine with your scores but pump the run to be 5 miles before you go to OCS. This will help you with the long marches and keep you from being exhausted when you are assigned to solve military problems at the end of those marches with a 4 man team. This is a test of leadership, organizational, motivational skills. From my own experience, candidates in Engineering curriculums do better than most others. It is part of the logic and reasoning skills that you learn and master in engineering courses. Practice drill as part of a group of PLC candidates before you go to OCS. There are usually a few candidates who completed PLC-Junior and are preparing to go to PLC-Senior session. Take adantage of that knowledge to further prepare you for OCS.

    Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps-Retired (Marine Aviator, PLC grad, Aerospace Engineer)

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    Well speaking from experience heres a workout plan my lieutenant made to help on pull ups. Do 2 than do 4 than do 6 than do 8 wide grip pull ups. Than do same amount of pullups but close grip, than switch grips to palms facing you, than repeat process. That will gets you doing 20 pull ups within 2 weeks. But thats an extremely good run time for a mile and a half. Also crunches should be a given, there the easiest part of the PFT, just keep doing crunches. Dont go to the gym and lift weights or anything like that because it will just add muscle weight to you and it will be harder to do pull ups. Just keep running doing crunches and do that pull up routine, do not lift weights, that is a big NO. Good luck, boot camp is a different experience, i went to west coast platoon 2149 golf company 2nd batallion. PFC, MATSG21

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    you seem like a very strong candidate

    well aviation you can get guaranteed when you become an officer

    infantry and supply you can not and it is kinda confusing the way that they determine who gets what

    so there is a good chance you will not be able to get either

    my dad is a marine aviator and he went to TBS under an aviation contract and tried to drop it and they refused to let him

    when i was talking to him about it he said that they had no right to refuse him but he is glad they did because he loves being a pilot

    so i guess you could still drop it at TBS but i wouldnt

    it might piss some people off and that would be a bad way to start off your career

    • bill5 years agoReport

      I don't think you would be the most popular L.T. at TBS if you were to drop the Aviation Option......................

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