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Would i enjoy living in phoenix az if i grew up in ann arbor MI?

I am considering moving there and dont know anyone who has been there.

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    We lived in Phx. for over 15 yrs. and moved to Colorado for 4 yrs....but moved back. we couldn't adjust to the cold snow and ice. If you're used to the winters and seasons, and have family there you might want to think of staying there. What is your reason for wanting to move here? We found out, you can take the kid out of the desert, but you can't take the desert out of the kid.We enjoy not having to worry about shoveling snow, and scraping ice, and driving in it. It's going to be about 110 degrees today, so if you think you can adjust, by all means I would say take a visit during the July-August time frame as that is the hottest time of the year here. It can get up to 115+ during that time. If you would like to compare Ann Arbor to Phoenix you can google "sperlings best places" and it will show you tax rates, demographics, average family incomes, cost of living etc. If you decide I would suggest in the northwest valley...peoria, or glendale (northern), Phoenix (northeast, north central), Scottsdale (north, if you can afford it) as the crime in the south phoenix area gets rather tough, and the west side of phoenix and glendale as well. You can google "phoenix crime map", or "glendale az crime map" or any other city, and it will show you the areas you might want to choose. We mostly have alot of theft, so use common sense and secure your vehicle and don't leave anything visible...especially if they see out of state plates. For example, my wife left her leather jacket on the front seat at a mall and came out after work and our driver side window was busted out and her jacket just use common sense. Overall, I like it here as there is plenty of places to go hiking, camping up north in flagstaff, or on the mogillion (mugeeon) rim. It's a short drive to Vegas, 6 hours to california, sedona is about an hour away, there are more than enough malls here. As far as jobs, expect the pay to be less than what you expect as the cost of living differs from city to city. The population here is about 5 million from peoria, to the east valley. You could drive for 40 minutes and still not be out of the city (valley as we call it). Traffic can be rather frustrating at the rush hours as the freeways can back up for a couple miles if there's an accident. You can go to "" and click on traffic check and it will show you areas of clear, construction or accidents. It's a good site if you also want to research apartments...go to "rentals" and you can choose any city you're interested in, as well as clicking on "jobs". Anyway, I hope this has been of help, God Bless and wish you the best if you choose to check us out. Oh, we are mostly moderate-conservative here.

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    hard decision - Cal Tech is a impressive college yet so is U of Michigan. i might want to favor residing in Ann Arbor than l. a. in my view. The site visitors, smog, inhabitants density, value of residing and crime in l. a. is a significant turn off for me. the elements contained in the wintry climate is nicer in l. a. yet the different seasons i might want to assert are a tie best of success! you won't be able to pass incorrect with both

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    Nope, too hot too dry.

    I my self have been thinking about moving MI, want to trade?

    Source(s): Live here 20 years sick of it.
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    If you like lung cancer, then move to Phoenix:

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    9 years ago

    Its hot and dry over here

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