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I'm not sure which game to get for my PlayStation Vita. Which is more worth while from the PSP library Monster Hunter freedom unite or Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky. I've heard nothing but good things from both its hard to decide. Or maybe some other PSP game that you think is worth while. Thanks in advance!


To put it simply because of the apparent lack of punctuation which game is better Monster Hunter Freedom, Or Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky. They are both RPG games for the PSP, and if there are others that someone would like to suggest that would be greatly appreciated. The question was originally typed out from my phone, so here's to clear it up.

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  • Tyler
    Lv 4
    8 years ago
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    Monster hunter freedom unite is a bad game if you are not a veteran of the series. Never plaued LoH but anything other than monster hunter is decent in my book.

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