Why does You Tube think I'm in Russia?

I tried to log in to youtube.ru the other day to get some information on a Russian based music band. I found what I was looking for and left the site.

Now, every time I log in I get a mini Cyrillic keyboard and all my notifications in Russian.

ie: Категории|Телепередачи |Кинозал |Добавить видео despite my URL showing "http://www.youtube.com/%22

Can any one tell me how to get it back to normal please?


Interesting suggestion Anthony, hadn't thought about going down that route. Just done a quick AV scan which came up negative but chose to run CCleaner to see if that made a difference.

All good again now thanks. BA coming later dude!

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  • 9 years ago
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    are you sure your computer didn't get hacked?? Websites can tell where you are based on your ip address. Your ip address is based where your internet provider is. I could be wrong about this. Some phishing websites can do this. i would try to contact youtube about this.

    But maybe run virus check and change your pass words to be safe.

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