what is a normal 15yr old girl?

i am obviously a 15 year old girl and i feel really self conscious about myself: i don't wear make-up, i don't dress like most, i just wear jeans and converse and i'm quite slim. i have lots of spots though :( My friends are all starting to go out with guys, and my best friend has had like three boyfriends! and i haven't even kissed a guy! i have a lot of friends and i always go out at the weekends but only during the day or evening and sometimes during the week. i do really well in school and i go to keyboard classes and basketball, and i love music.

I'm just wondering: 1) Do i have a normal social life?

2) Should i wear make-up, if so what?

3) Should i wear different clothes?

4) should i have kissed a guy by now?

5) How do i stop feeling so self conscious?

6) Should i do more stuff outside of school?

7) How do i get a boyfriend?

Would really appreciate any answers! Thanks

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    8 years ago
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    1) You have a more normal social life then I do.

    2) No. Natural beauty is more attractive then anything out of a bottle.

    3) No. Wear whatever makes you happy, if you change that you will feel uncomfortable

    4) Nope. It doesn't matter when you kiss a guy. Wait until you find the right one to kiss. First kisses are a very special thing. Don't waist yours.

    5) Just stop caring about how others see you. If you feel good, you look good and other people will see that too. If it helps you could practice your smile in the mirror or exercise. I've always been slim as well but i try to run a mile every day anyway.

    6) No. You seem to have a very normal social life for your age. Last year when i was your age I never went out anywhere except on my runs around town.

    7) You get a boyfriend by talking to boys. Simple as that. Put yourself out there and be confident. Guys love a confident girl who can speak her mind. Just talk to guys about anything, music, school, life. Anything! And if you want flirting is always fun.

    By spots i assume you mean acne on your face. To clear that up try to get a cleanser and a daily face wash. A genital one made specifically for the face. You can get those anywhere.

    When I was 15 I was pretty much convinced that i would never get a boyfriend and that i was pretty much the biggest misfit of all time. I have thick rimmed glasses, I'm skinny, I'm super pale, and I didn't wear what everyone else did. I still don't have a facebook and i would rather read then go to the mall. I had friends just like you that started dating at like 13, and not gonna lie, I was jealous of them. Over the summer of 9th grade going into 10th I met this awesome guy at the book store of all places. He was hot. He was nice. I thought he thought i was a weird short girl. Turns out he just moved into my town and was going to my school. I was mortified. School started up again and we talked and became friends. All the girls flirted with him and i was sooo jealous i cant even tell you. Because I am me, and i never get any guys. Haha. In November though on a friday after school he was talking to my best friend... who gets every guy she lays her eyes on and I was just sitting there like a loner. When he was done talking he came over to me, sat next to me, looked at me and said; (name of my best friend) thinks I like you. I looked at him like wtf? And he just shrugged and said I think i agree with her. We have been going out for 7 months now. :) Why am i sharing this? Because I think girls like you need to know not to rush into any relationships because that's what i could have done. And if i did i would have missed out on the best guy on earth. So take your time and dont push yourself. Mr. right will come along one day. Good luck!

  • 8 years ago

    You should be yourself, no matter what. Do what makes you feel good and remember to love yourself for who you are.

    1 - There really isn't a 'normal' anything. If you're happy with it, keep it. If you're not, make the change.

    2 - If you'd like to wear makeup, start with something simple, don't go too drastic all at once. Try some mascara and a light colored eye shadow. But remember, you're only fifteen, and you don't really need makeup.

    3 - If you like the way you dress, don't change! Be yourself and those around will appreciate you for being 'different' and keeping to your own standards, not society's.

    4 - Everyone matures and experiences things at different times. If you haven't kissed a guy, there's a reason. Wait for the right moment, don't force anything.

    5 - Smile more often. Even if it feels silly, look in the mirror, smile at yourself, and tell yourself you're beautiful. It'll help. Try keeping a positive attitude. Even the girls who look all confident, probably aren't as much as they seem. Work on it and you're attitude will change too!

    6 - Don't stress yourself out, girly.

    7 - Be yourself. Those who like you for you will stick around and find more out. Those who don't like the real you will move on and that's okay! There is always someone out there who will appreciate your personality.

    Also, when you're 15, everyone is trying to discover themselves and figure out who they want to be in high school and how they want to be seen. They might be too busy figuring out who they are to see your own problems. It's okay to be unsure. Everyone goes through it. It'll pass.

    One last thing, and I know this is a little cliche, but the song by Taylor Swift called "Fifteen" would definitely relate to your problem. Listen to the lyrics and see what you think.

    Good luck, beautiful.

    Source(s): I've been here and done that. I have three younger siblings going through the exact same thing.
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    8 years ago

    I'm in the same kind of situation as you and it's weird as I'm 15 and called caroline aswell! haha, anyway:

    1. You have a completely great social life, I know people that hardly ever go out and you sound that you have lots of friend so don't worry!

    2. You don't need to wear makeup if you don't want to. DON'T wear it just because everyone else does if you don't want to. There are loads of spot treatments out there so if your self concious about them, I would definatley recomend buying something for them.

    3.You don't need to wear differn't clothes, what you wear now seems fashionable, but you could always mix up your style by adding accerceries buying differn't coloured jeans or something if you want a change.

    4. I haven't had my first proper kiss yet either and I sometimes feel the same as you, but you don't need to panic about getting it, if you do, you will rush in to things and most likely regret it later!

    5. I have struggled with feeling self conscious too, but I always think that if people don't like me the way I am, then thats their loss. And since you have lots of friends, they will stick by you so don't worry if 1 person doesn't like the way you are because there is plenty of people who do.

    6. If there is something you want to do outside of school, then go for it, research things that are happening in your area, and if you want to go to them, then just do it! Also you could just meet up with your friends or whatever, but it seems that you do quite a lot already so don't worry about how much you do, as long as you are enjoying yourself!

    7. Well thats a tricky one for me since I have never had one. But really just wait until you find someone who you like and just talk to them about anything. Maybe ask him a question about school to get him to know you. Basicly just make small talk, so you become friends and then add in flirting until a romance occurs. Thats what my friends always say who have had a few boyfriends.

    And please be yourself, there is no point being unhappy and acting like someone else.

    If you want more confidence though, I find acting confident works well even if your not and eventually you will be confident after acting confident enough! I hope you are okay and sorry for the long answer :/ xx

  • 8 years ago

    1) you seem like you have a normal social life :)

    2)that depends how much those around you are wearing, i dont think that going from nothing to a full face of make-up would be good, but just experiment with make-up and see what looks good and then go from there. however dont obsess over the make-up, what i say is if its taking over 15 minutes per day, its taking too long. also if make-ups really not part of your style you dont have to wear it.

    3)yeah your clothes seem normal :)

    4)um im not going to lie here, most 15 year olds have, however some havent and that is also quite normal.

    5)i know this is going to sound obvious, but try not to care about what people think. i know it may be hard at first, but just stick with it and honestly you will feel better for it

    6)umm to me it sounds like you have a pretty packed schedule already, i think if you did anything else you would run out of time to relax and go out with friends. however you could join another activity if you want and see if you like it, then if you like it more than one of your other activitys you could quit one? its just so your schedules not totally packed and stressful

    7)talk to guys, you could talk to friends of the guys your friends talk to? or you can talk to people from school or family friends that are your age? or theres always facebook or twitter? or you could talk to guys from your activitys (if there are any guys there)

    hope this is helpful :)

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  • 8 years ago

    1: Don't change your social life, your grade could be brought down.

    2: Stay true to you are, if they don;t like it, oh well. The original is always worth more than a copy.

    3: Same as ^.

    4: NO. Being a virgin or a kissing virgin is okay. Kissing is a sign of love or passion, you shouldn't just go out kissing anyone.

    5: I usually stand in the mirror and point out my good features. That always helps because I have a low self esteem too.

    6: No. i think you are good on that.

    7: Be yourself, they like that. I

    Good luck! :)

  • 8 years ago

    Oh god.. You're 15.. what you should be wondering is..

    1) How are your grades in school

    2) What university are you thinking of applying for

    3) is SAT training too early right now

    4) can I talk to my counselor about maybe taking some AP classes

    5) Do I have enough extra curricular activities for my college application

    6) self consciousness is just that SELF. its what I think about myself. No one can influence that so as long as I love myself thats all that matters.

  • 8 years ago

    First off, there is no such thing as being "Normal"


    1) Your finee:)

    2) No, natural beauty is more attractive

    3) No, as long as your comfortable, and jeans with converse is nice

    4) No. Everyone is different. There is No certain age!

    5) not sure, just be urself

    6) No, i think you do enough

    7) ummm... (i dunno:P)

  • 4 years ago

    I think that is very weird and wrong. It especially worried me when u said that he told u to not tell his wife. Why does he wanna keep this from her? Think about it. I don't think he is afraid of what she found find out. No 30 year old should be talking to a 16 year old all day anyways. Stay away from this man. You could end up in a lot of trouble. Be safe.

  • 8 years ago

    Honestly be urself don't be a follower. Do what u want to do, dress how u want to just because they have had bfs doesn't mean u need to. im 16 and I had my first gf last year ha but just do what u are comfortable with and what feels right for u.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You're totally fine! It's your life, live it the way you like!!! Don't worry about what other people are doing, just do you! If you like it, keep doing it. You dont have to rush into things to fit in, truuuuust me you won't regret it.

    Source(s): Experience.
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