How was the Facebook iPhone App created?

I would like to get started in iPhone app development. However, I only know HTML, CSS, and PHP. I was curious as to how the Facebook iPhone application was created. How is the Facebook iPhone application connecting to databases and retrieving user information? Can I make an application using HTML, CSS and PHP? For example, I know you can make a web mobile version of websites for the iPhone. How would you go about doing that with a native iPhone application, where the application can connect to databases, and retrieve / store new information?

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  • Aaren
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    9 years ago
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    1. for iPhone 'web' applications use Apple's Dashcode, you can code in Javascript & CSS.

    2. for normal iphone (iOS) application use Apple's Xcode, you can code in ObjectiveC.

    3. otherwise if you can't use above 2 then for general development you may use Flash Builder or Titanium or PhoneGap, you may code in Action Script or Javascript and/or XML and/or CSS.

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