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Why do I feel anyone and that God won't help me?

Well I'm bulimic my friends dad is on drugs and my other friend is bi and cuts herself. I'm a Mormon. I pray but he won't help me and I feel like nobody cares. I talked to my bishop and he told me to pray so I have and nothing works

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    1. Bulemia is your problem then?

    2. Your friend's dad is on drugs- why is that important?(in relation to your actual problem of #1)

    3. Your other friend is bi- why is that important?(in relation to your actual problem of #1)

    4. She cuts herself- why is that important?(in relation to your actual problem of #1)

    5. You are a mormon (I won't attack your religion, lets skip this)

    6. You pray but he won't help you (you're saying the mormon god ?)

    7. You feel like nobody cares.(in relation to your actual problem of #1)

    8. Your bishop told you to pray.

    9. You prayed and you didn't get what you asked for.

    10. You believe NOTHING works.

    1. Bulemia. (You vomit food after eating right?) You need help and you need to ask for it, from someone you can trust, a counselor or some kind of professional, another good way is to ask a TRUE christian for help. (you will know them by their works - what kind of person they are, not the ones who claim to be but don't have the works to show for)

    I don't think methods like going online and asking for tips and tricks will work, you need another person who will help you get through it, who will give you a firm helping hand, a mentor of sorts, and a peer.

    You say nothing works but you only said 1 thing. You prayed.

    You can't say NOTHING works if you only did 1 thing.

    From there, I really need to remind you that before you ask God ANYTHING, think first what HE wants from you.

    James 1:27

    Matthew 25:

    I don't believe God exists just so you can demand stuff from him and if you don't get what you want you get angry at him. Perhaps you need to study the new testament and realize all the things the apostles went through, and what? You think you shouldn't experience difficulty in this life? Perhaps you do not realize why Jesus died on the cross and how valuable that is.

    From there, I suggest you focus on Jesus and realize that the best way to help yourself is to help others.

    Perhaps if you ended up helping the homeless who can't even afford food you will notice your mind will change. It also helps to get rid of your friends who bring you down with their sad lives, find a positive person to be friends with. MOOD IS CONTAGIOUS. Think about it, if you didn't even know about other girls doing that and similar things, do you really think you would have ended up with that condition?


    It also helps to write down the reasons WHY you throw up your food.

    Then from there, find reasons to negate them.

    EX: Guys wont like me if i get fat.

    1. Eating X meal will not make you fat

    2. Scientifically speaking what is considered fat

    3. Do guys really like skinnny girls

    4. Why do you need to impress all of them or anyone for that matter, you dont need to marry them all

    5. Realize or find ways to realize that more than a fat girl, an ugly girl is one who has no character/personality/intelligence/priorities/DREAMS/GOALS/DEDICATION/PERSEVERANCE etc.. Internal qualities.

    6. Find ways to counterbalance the food you eat, if you dont want to gain weight.

    7. eat plenty of bananas if you are already healthy or are chunky. bananas are very low in caloric content and are a great way to be healthy full and avoid junkfood

    8. eat plenty of vegetables... vegetables no matter how much you eat, CANNOT make you fat. it is close to being IMPOSSIBLE. perhaps you would die from overeating before you could ingest enough vegetables to even get 1 pound of fat.

    9. have friends you can trust who you can ask help from *people who TRULY have hearts, not posers who claim to be faith filled but don't even donate time to help the poor and needy.

    10. PRAY and ask God what HE WANTS. then ask him to help you the way that he wants.

    11. Thank God before you even get anything and tell him that you will be PATIENT.

    12. When you pray, ask God to reveal himself to you.

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    You should pray in a right true manner you seems to be a good person indeed i 'm a muslim and my prayer are answered but its upto you check my islam..!! You can have a look or you became a muslim and offer salah just 5 time a day pray with each salah(prayer) just for one day and see it works or not and wait for a week and notice the difference

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    God knows

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    Out of all the religions, Mormonism is a particular brand of fail. I mean, Mormon underwear?

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    You need medical help. Your bishop should have told you this. God gives us people who become doctors to help us. Use them. Your friend who cuts themself needs medical help also.

    Catholic Christian †

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    it's not about your religion and one thing i learn prayer is just a prayer action speaks louder than words... God is not gonna help your friend you have to help your friend... God isn't gonna give you an A in math class that's all you... a prayer is just a prayer....

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    Whenever I pray to God, he does nothing.

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    no one will help you till you realize that you are totally responsible for you.

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    Because your deity is a myth.

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