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I can't change my username or avatar?

When I go to my profile to change it from there I get "NOT FOUND" "page you were looking for doesn't exist"

When I try to change it from yahoo answers it immediately goes back to the "?" question mark and the avatar immediately goes back to the exclamation mark with orange background.

Help who can I ask help for this problem, any links or email for yahoo answers or yahoo customer service?

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    Click Edit My Preferences, then click Add a photo or avatar. If you want a photo, then choose one from where ever you have them stored. If you want an avatar then follow below:

    Step by Step How To Create An Avatar:

    Click this link to get to the avatar screen.

    Then look up to the top right and click Preferences to choose Male or Female.

    Then look at Appearance, Apparel, Extras, Background and Branded.

    Each category has sub categories and numbered pages to look through.

    After each choice you make that you want to keep, click Save Changes in the avatar pane, orange bar.

    Then return to My Activity, click Edit My Preferences.

    Under the new avatar click Use my Yahoo avatar, scroll to and click Submit.

    If it doesn't show right away, give it some time, Yahoo has been having problems lately.

    If you have your profile set to private, your avatar won't show on answers.

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